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World’s First Commercial Drone Delivery Service Started, Approved After 18 Months Trial

Google Wing gets approval for drone delivery of goods in Canberra. Earlier, 3000 parcels were delivered during the trial.

Many companies are trying to deliver goods through drones. Thousands of trials were also done for this. But Google has got the credit for starting the first commercial drone delivery service in the world. The American company has got permission for this service in the capital of Australia.

Google Wing will deliver food, coffee, and medicines via drone to around 100 homes in Canberra. Google was testing it since 2014. Its trial was also going on for one and a half years. During the trial, the company delivered 3,000 parcels.

Complaints Removed Based On Feedback During The Trial

Initially, people complained about the drone making too much noise. A campaign was also launched against this on social media. After this Google made many improvements to it. Only then its commercial service has been allowed.

Google issued a statement saying that people’s feedback has helped a lot in improving the system. We hope to make it better with time and roll out this service to other cities on a larger scale.

Google believes that the drone delivery service in Canberra alone will give the company a business of 40 million Australian dollars (about 200 crore rupees). According to an estimate, by the year 2030, 25% of deliveries in Australia will be through drones.

Amazon And Alibaba Are Also Working On Drone Delivery Service

These companies have also conducted several trials in Britain, America, and China. But they haven’t got permission.

Amazon has launched the trials of drone delivery in California and Texas.

Vice president of Prime Air Amazon, David Carbon, announced the development on LinkedIn. “First deliveries from our new sites in Texas and California,” Carbon wrote in his post. “Couldn’t be prouder of the amazing people that make up Prime Air. These are careful first steps that we will turn into giant leaps for our customers over the next number of years.”

Many rules have been made for drone service

  • The drone cannot fly over roads or congested areas.
  • Service will be available from Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 8 pm.
  • This service will be available from 8 am to 8 pm on Sundays.

The home address of the buyer is fed into the drone through GPS. The parcel would have been attached to the drone via string. The drone goes over the buyer’s garden and drops the parcel and the drone goes back.