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World Usability Day 2022: All You Need To Know To Make Your Life Easy!

World Usability Day 2022: The day aims to make the world a better place for all types of consumers

World Usability Day, also known as Make Things Easier Day, is observed every year on the second Thursday of November. It aims to make the world a better place for all types of consumers. The day was first observed in 2005 by an organization called the Usability Professionals Association, now known as the User Experience Professionals Association.

Aim For The Day!

The day aims to promote the values ​​of usability, usability engineering, universal usability, user-centered design, and the responsibility of each user to inquire and inquire about the things that work better. This year World Usability Day is being celebrated today on the 10th of November.

Every year this day is celebrated by adopting a different theme. According to the theme adopted for that particular year, organizations, groups, and even individuals are encouraged to organize various events to mark the day.

The Theme Of The Day

The theme ‘OUR HEALTH’ look to explore systems that provide healthcare in all its many forms such as virtual, electronic health records, healthcare products, and all digital health-related solutions. This theme will help us explore timely and important issues such as continuity of care, access to treatment, telemedicine, and systems for mental health, exercise, nutrition, and many more. In addition, Our Health includes health problems related to environmental issues such as air and water pollution impact on health.

World Usability Day is a series of events around the world that bring together communities of industrial, professional, educational, government, and civic groups with our common objective, which is to ensure that services And products that are very important to human life are very easy to access and easy to use.

It is also about celebrating the progress we have made in designing and manufacturing various useful products and educating the public about how our daily lives are affected by Usability. It’s about making our world a better place.

It’s about reaching out to the common citizen and spreading the message: We don’t have to live with products and services that don’t work well and human error is a misnomer. We have to work towards ensuring that no consumer has to suffer any kind of error, or human or machine damage.