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World Tsunami Awareness Day 2022: Tsunami Awareness Day Being Celebrated Today, Know Its History!

World Tsunami Awareness Day is observed every year on 5 November. The purpose of celebrating this day can be to prepare in advance for future disasters so that a maximum number of lives can be saved and there is no loss of public money. This day is celebrated to increase the publicity and spread of awareness on this subject. On Tsunami Day, everyone is told about the danger of tsunamis and the measures to prevent them. On this day people are made aware of the natural disaster tsunami and information is given about how to deal with such a situation.

What is a tsunami?

Tsunamis are called sea waves because they cause maximum damage in coastal areas and ports. It is a wave of hundreds of kilometers in width, its speed can be up to 420 kilometers per hour and the height can be from 10 to 20 meters, often due to sea earthquakes, this storm is generated.

 When was the first World Tsunami Awareness Day observed?

The first World Tsunami Awareness Day was observed on 5 November 2016 all over the world. The day was celebrated for the first time in the year 2016 on World Tsunami Awareness Day with the theme of effective education and evacuation drill.

This awareness day was organized in New Delhi in collaboration with the Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction 2016 and the UN Disaster Risk Reduction in New Delhi.

Importance of World Tsunami Awareness Day

The United Nations calls on countries and international bodies to celebrate the day to raise awareness and share innovative approaches to mitigating risks. By the end of 2030, about 50% of the world population living in coastal areas will be exposed to storm tsunamis and floods.

 History of World Tsunami Day

In December 2015, the General Assembly of the United Nations declared 5 November as World Tsunami Day Awareness Day every year. Due to this, many countries of the world came together and demanded from the UN, after which Tsunami Awareness Day is celebrated on the 5th of November every year globally. Experts say that the speed of a tsunami is the same as the speed at which an airplane flies. On the occasion of World Tsunami Awareness Day, there is a need to make people aware and educated about natural disasters. With this, a large number of lives can be saved in case of disaster, as well as a large number of people and money can be saved. People should be made aware of what they should do in case of natural calamity and what should be the initial steps so that they can protect their people and money.

These Countries Have Been Hit By The Tsunami

Within the last 100 years, there have been 14 countries, including Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand, that have suffered a lot from the tsunami, ranging from health to economic loss. Where it has been learned that 2 lakh 27 thousand times these countries were attacked by the tsunami. In the year 2004, 14 countries including Indonesia, India, and Sri Lanka suffered the biggest loss due to the tsunami.