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World Pancreatic Cancer Day: 45 Thousand People Die from This Disease Every Year!

Only 8 percent of people who are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer live beyond 5 years of age. While people whose pancreatic cancer is diagnosed at the primary level are cured through surgery.

World Pancreatic Cancer Day is observed every year on 17 November. It is causing great human loss to our society every year. According to statistics, every year only in the United States, about 55 thousand people come under the grip of pancreatic cancer. The frightening thing is that out of these 45 thousand people are difficult to save from death even after lakhs of efforts.

It can be said on a statistical basis about the troubled patients of this form of cancer that only 8 percent of the people with pancreatic cancer diagnosis survive for 5 years. While people whose pancreatic cancer is diagnosed at the primary level are cured through surgery. In this situation, the only treatment for this disease is surgery. Although the chances of living longer with this disease are very less, still with the hope of betterment, all kinds of efforts are made by the experts.

What Doctors Say

According to doctors, many experts in pharma companies and people associated with academic institutions are engaged in finding a cure for this disease. So that we can stop this tumor from growing through the best techniques of therapy and medicine. Also, research is going on in this direction as to how this cancer can be prevented from reaching the liver and other organs.

At the same time, according to experts, weight loss, loss of appetite, more or less abdominal pain, or prolonged jaundice are some of its major symptoms. However, conclusive investigation of new protein and molecular genetic targets found in the body in this direction is still going on.

There Are Two Types Of Pancreatic Cancer

The pancreas contains glands that make pancreatic juice, hormones, and insulin for the body. Cancer develops in the exocrine and endocrine parts of the pancreas. While exocrine cancer occurs inside the pancreatic gland, the endocrine tumor occurs in the part that produces hormones for the body. Early detection of this cancer becomes difficult because its initial symptoms are similar to other common diseases. In such a situation, the patient and the doctor must be careful.