December 9, 2023 09:48:25

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day 2022: History, And Why We Should Celebrate Women In Business!

We are no longer in an era where women were restricted to certain occupations due to stereotypes attached to jobs and professions that were considered to be the domain of men. Be it the profession of a cricketer, real estate agent, chemical engineer, or pilot, women have gradually entered every field.

Unfortunately, women still face barriers like a conservative family mindset, doubts about their physical abilities, and most importantly, cultural setbacks. But, that hasn’t stopped women from marching ahead and breaking stereotypes. Because of the startup culture, women are now conquering businesses as well and taking strong positions in their own companies.

Women are changing the status of traditionally male-dominated sectors by starting new businesses from their homes. This push is thanks to the pandemic which allowed him/her to use his talent to start a business. According to a report, the growth rate of female entrepreneurship in India was the highest during the pandemic.

This Women’s Entrepreneurship Day celebrated on 19th November is a celebration of all the women who persevered and persevered to start their businesses. It doesn’t matter how big or small the business is, it is a day to appreciate all the efforts put in by them to manage both their home and their work.

History Of Women Entrepreneurship Day

Women Entrepreneurship Day was started in 2014 and is recognized by more than 144 countries. The opening ceremony was held at the United Nations in New York City and several other events were held around the world.

The day was founded by Wendy Diamond who is an entrepreneur herself and wants to help others around the world. She volunteered with a foundation that focuses on providing microcredit to low-income women in Honduras and seeks to promote such causes.

In addition to the event, there is also a Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED) Pioneer Awards, which recognizes women who have shown leadership skills in a variety of business ventures. WED also has an ambassador and fellowship program that promotes and provides opportunities to the world.

The day is very important as it provides a form of encouragement to women entrepreneurs and it will also encourage women from different walks of life to take that step forward and start something they always wanted to do. A simple encouragement will inspire women to take charge and pursue their businesses with the same passion and vigor. We are at a place where we are increasingly talking about equal opportunities and celebrating a day as this allows us to take actionable steps.

How Can You Celebrate Women’s Entrepreneurship Day?

For starters, appreciate the women entrepreneurs around you. You can organize an event or participate in an event that focuses on appreciating women entrepreneurs. You can also find a way to help these women entrepreneurs who are looking for some form of assistance.

You can also help promote businesses by women entrepreneurs through social media or shopping. You can also share their stories and their achievements which can be an inspiration to someone.