December 5, 2023 12:55:52

Why Kantara is Better Than KGF?

According to the IMDB ratings, the latest Kannada film Kantara has a rating of 9.5/10, whereas KGF 2 ratings are 8.2/10.

The film was recently released on 30th September 2022 and has managed to break all the previous film records while roaring like a lion at the box office. This Actor-filmmaker Rishabh Shetty’s action thriller has also beaten KGF2 including SS Rajamouli-directed fantasy action film RRR- surprisingly becoming the highest-rated film on IMDB.

In just two weeks, Kantara was hailed as the visual masterpiece, receiving a record-breaking collection of more than 100 crores worldwide and still leaving no stone unturned at the box office. Now, Kantara has garnered humongous success making more than 113 crores (In all languages). But the question is what makes Kantara so momentous and outdone mega-blockbuster films like KGF? Let’s find out.

What Makes Kantara Better Than KFG?

No doubt that KGF has made its presence felt with great storytelling, an intriguing climax, and jaw-dropping action sequences. But, months later, the Kannada cinema has brought another compelling, entertaining, and nerve-wracking film like Kantara without using violent and dramatic action just like KGF and RRR.

Unlike KGF, Kantara is deeply rooted in history, a perfect blend of folklore, portraying the flavor of myth and drama, along with balanced choreographed action scenes that looks visually appealing and not awkward.

This action thriller is gaining enormous attention due to major 3 Reasons:

  • A Powerful Product
  • An Epic Saga that needs to be heard and seen
  • Thoughtful storytelling that portrays the emotions, struggles, and hardships of real-life people

The Refined Performances

In a real sense, Kantara is an amalgamation of traditions infused with captivating masala entertainment that keeps you hooked for straight 2.5 hours.

Speaking of performances, Rishabh Shetty’s performance as Shiva is purely memorable as the guy who is willing to go to any length to safeguard his village. He is a rebel who prefers to devote his time to pottering around with friends and dabbling in self-indulgence. If however anyone tries to point the finger at his parents, his brutal rage is unstoppable.

Kishore as Muralidhar, on the contrary hand, is an upright public servant who is dedicated to his job. Kishore performs this role with grace. As the racist and selfish landlord, Achyuth Kumar is both devious and deceitful.

The Cast

Rishab plays two distinct characters in the film. Kantara is a period-action yet thriller movie that delves into the traditions, mesmeric blend of both action and mythology of Kambla and Bhoota Kola. Kishore, Achyuth Kumar, Sapthami Gowda, and Pramod Shetty also star.

Original Locations

Using no graphics or digital footprints, Kantara is solely shot in the real locations of the small coastal town of Kundapur in Karnataka. This town is known mainly for plantation work only.

The Story

Kantara is set in the fictitious village of Dakshina Kannada and precedes Kambala winner Shiva, who rises from his humble beginnings as a village thug to safeguard his general public from constant interference from forest department authorities and crooked zamindars. Kantara is a mystical deity who defends his people from cruelty, according to Karnataka folklore. It’s jam-packed with exciting fight sequences too.

The Real-Life Struggles of People

Kantara’s story unfolds in Keraadi, a seaside area in Karnataka. Kantara is steeped in tradition and authenticity.

The film depicts deep issues and lessons that seem relatable and emotionally connected to the core. The film delves into the deeply ingrained caste hegemony in southern Karnataka. Devendra, a higher caste leaseholder, takes over the property of innocent young tribals, denuding them of their privileges. He somehow doesn’t allow residents to enter his house. When Shiva breaks this regime, Devendra purifies his home. Kantara also attempts to emphasize the importance of indigenous cultures thriving and prospering.

The Electrifying Climax

The last 15-20 minutes’ incredible plotlines and thrilling climax alone make it worth experiencing on the big screen.

Lord Guliga Daiva’s ample energy, swift movements, conflicting visual elements, the unusual cinematic techniques that are synchronized in with the classical transitions, as well as the epic Kola soundtrack composed of saxophones, shehnais, and bass drums create a bigger-than-life ambiance that will not only stay with you for hours but even with days.

If you have never come across or witnessed Bhoota Kola in your life, then Kantara’s climax can sweep you off your feet or might get you goosebumps.

Every single person in the theater is captivated by this film. The climax scene of Kantara, in particular, has an unsettling impact on the audience, which they are unable to sweep even after exiting the theater.

So, Is Kantara Worth Watching?

The straight answer to this question is YES. From performance, realistic visuals, and nerve-wracking storyline to even real locations, Kantara is not just a film. It is a one-of-a-kind visual cinematic experience that keeps you entertain and makes you think not to forget your prolonged roots, cultures, and traditions.

Well, the figures don’t lie. As the blockbuster Kantara is already surpassing expectations and outnumbered itself. It is a must-watch entertainment genre that is hard to miss!