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Why do we worship of moon on Karva Chauth

Karva Chauth is a popular Indian festival that is predominantly observed in the country’s northern regions. It’s a celebration of love, marriage, and the unbreakable bond that binds a husband and wife together.

The word ‘Karva’ refers to a clay pot of water, whereas the word ‘Chauth’ refers to the fourth position. According to the Hindu calendar, Karva Chauth occurs on the fourth day after Poornima (the full moon) in the month of Kartik.

When it comes to Karwa Chauth, there are numerous rituals linked with it, one of which is viewing the moon through a sieve (Chalni). Many of us have wondered why women use a sieve to glimpse the moon on Karwa Chauth. Here are a few considerations that will help you in appreciating this lovely tradition.

The story of seven brothers and one sister:

According to legend, a moneylender with seven sons and one daughter lived in a village. The daughter had kept the Karwa Chauth fast in order to ensure her husband’s health and long life. She began to feel uneasy as a result of the prolonged and exhausting fast. Seeing their only sister in such a state, the brothers pleaded with her to eat something, but she refused, saying she would only eat after seeing and worshipping the moon.

Unable to see their sister’s hunger and thirst, the brothers devised a plan. They climbed a faraway tree and set a burning candle on one of its branches. They then put a sieve in front of it and went to call their sister, claiming that the moon could be seen through the tree branches. As a result, the woman worshipped the moon and ended her fast. Soon after this, her husband became unwell and died. Since then, it was considered a bad omen to break the fast without seeing the actual moon.

It is believed that following that incident, women began to use the sieve to see the true moon and then worship it for the long life, good health, safety, and happiness of their husbands. One of the reasons why women celebrate the Karwa Chauth holiday is because of this mythological story.

Other beliefs:

In addition to the above-mentioned tale, there are two other reasons why women use a sieve to see the moon on Karwa Chauth. The first of the two reasons is that married women in Northern India wear a ‘ghoonghat’ (facial veil) to show respect to their family elders. As a result, when they see the moon, they use a sieve as a ghoonghat to pay reverence.

Secondly, the moon is seen as a sign of peace, love, and joy. Women use a sieve or Chalni to filter the rays coming from the moon. Happiness and positivity are thought to be present in the filtered rays.

The moon, according to Hindu beliefs, is a manifestation of Lord Brahma and is endowed with a long life. The moon is beautiful, cool, loveable, and long-lived. This is also one of the reasons why women look at the moon through a sieve first and then their husband’s faces. They pray for the manifestation of all these qualities in their husbands and wish for long and healthy lives.

In the Hindu religion, every ritual, be it small or large, holds great significance. You can look for some unique Karwa Chauth gift ideas for your beloved wife to make this wonderful day even more unique and unforgettable for her.

Nikology wishes you a happy Karwa Chauth and happiness to you and your family!