December 11, 2023 06:03:40

Why Do Some People Feel Cold Less And Others More? Know The Reason Behind It!

Feeling cold is a common thing, but many people feel very cold. Is it simple? Is it some kind of disease? Let us know what the reason behind this is.

Winter’s Effect On Humans

Winter has started. Winter is starting to be felt in the morning and evening. Getting cold in winter is a common thing. Some people are still roaming around wearing T-shirts and shorts, while some people feel very cold. Why does it happen that some people feel very cold while others feel less cold? According to experts, the relation of feeling more or less cold is related to your food habits, lifestyle, and internal capacity of the body. Let us know about this in detail

How Does It Feel To Be Cold?

We first feel the cold on the skin. Because of this our tears also stand up. Sometimes the fingers also become numb. Our skin is the first to feel the rise and fall of temperature. Thermo-receptor nerves present just below our skin send the message of cold in the form of waves to the brain. Its level and its intensity can vary from person to person. The waves coming out of the skin go to the hypothalamus of the brain. The hypothalamus helps in balancing the internal temperature of the body and the environment. Due to the process of making this balance, our hairs stand on end and the muscles also start shrinking.

Feeling Cold Due To Hypothermia

The first effect of cold is on the skin. When the nerves present under the skin send the message of cold to the brain, then the brain prevents the temperature inside the body from falling. The brain sends a message to all the organs of the body that the temperature is falling. The brain gives orders to all the internal and external organs of the body to maintain the temperature. After that, all the muscles of the body slow down the speed of work. Our body is not able to tolerate too low of a temperature. According to experts, if the temperature drops too low, many parts of the body stop working. Sometimes a person dies due to multi-organ failure. Being too cold is called hypothermia. Due to this, life can also be lost.

Sudden Onset Of Tremors

When our body parts are working at a slow pace, then more metabolic heat is generated from them. Because of this, there is a sudden shivering in the body. Shivering means that the body is balancing the inside temperature compared to the outside temperature.

Due To These Reasons Too Much Cold Can Be Felt

  • If your weight is less in proportion to your height.
  • Thyroid failure
  • There can be a feeling of extreme cold even when there is a deficiency of iron in the body.
  • Due to poor blood circulation, the blood does not reach all the parts of the body in the right quantity, in such a situation also you may feel colder.
  • Lack of proper sleep can also be a reason for chills.
  • Even if you are a victim of dehydration, you may feel colder.
  • Even if there is a lack of vitamin Bik in the body, cold is more felt.