December 11, 2023 05:15:49

WhatsApp Considering Custom Passwords to Enhance Security for Protected Chat Folders: Report

As per information from WABetaInfo, a renowned WhatsApp feature tracking source, there are forthcoming plans to introduce a feature allowing users to set personalized passwords for their protected chat folders, with the primary aim of bolstering the security of sensitive conversations.

WhatsApp is reportedly in the process of developing a feature that will empower users to establish custom passwords for their safeguarded chat folders, thereby raising the level of security. In this prospective feature, users can input this password into the search bar to unlock their secured chats and also configure it for use on their other linked devices, as detailed in a report from WABetaInfo.

As outlined in the report from WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is contemplating the introduction of a feature enabling users to create a custom password for their secured chat folders, a move explicitly geared towards augmenting the security surrounding private discussions. With this feature in place, users will have the capability to input this confidential code into the app’s search bar, granting them access to their locked chats with ease.

Furthermore, it is expected that configuring this confidential code will provide users with the ability to lock their chats from their connected devices, offering a comprehensive security solution.

This forthcoming update is said to be undergoing testing within the Google Play Beta program, specifically within the beta version tailored for Android users. It’s imperative to note that, as of now, this feature is not accessible to beta testers and is anticipated to be incorporated into an upcoming application update.

In addition, WABetaInfo has provided a glimpse of the secret code creation feature, offering users a preview of what to anticipate. According to this preview, WhatsApp is likely to suggest using a simple word or straightforward emoji as a custom code for convenient access. Users can also enjoy the flexibility of modifying or deleting this secret code at their discretion.

Back in May, WhatsApp introduced the Chat Lock feature for both Android and iOS users. This feature empowers users to safeguard the privacy and security of their messages and conversations by implementing locks, which can be unlocked using a passcode, fingerprint, or facial recognition. These locked chat threads are securely relocated to a distinct folder, assuring the confidentiality of conversations, even in the event of unauthorized access to the user’s device. Moreover, notifications for these chats are designed not to reveal the sender’s identity or display message previews, further enhancing privacy measures.