December 9, 2023 05:11:39

Find out what the diet & beauty mantra of Birthday girl Kriti kharbanda

Beauty Mantra Inspired By Kriti:

Do not wash your face again and again

Some unknown substances are found in face wash, which can damage your skin. To avoid these, you should first choose Aloe vera face wash and use it only once a day. Kriti Kharbanda told in one of her interviews that she does not use face wash frequently. She only uses the same when she feels the urge to remove the dirt and pores.

Kriti always carries moisturizer

Whenever you go out, you must always carry moisturizer and hand sanitizer in the bag. When the outside dirt starts coming into your hands, it also reaches the face easily, so you should apply moisturizer after using hand sanitizer. Kriti Kharbanda always carries both these things in her bag and gives this advice to everyone.

Kriti likes to wear mascara very much

To enhance the beauty of the eyes, you often apply liner and mascara, but when you want to look special, applying mascara is a better option. Kriti says that she likes to apply mascara on her eyes, this makes the eyes look very beautiful. Apart from this, Kriti uses only rose water or home remedies to remove makeup.

Use night serum

Make-up should always be removed before sleeping, as chemicals present in it can harm your skin. Before bedtime, makeup should be removed using cleansing milk and night serum only. Kriti also applies lip balm before bedtime and this makes her lips look soft and shiny.

It is necessary to apply sunscreen

After bathing, we often forget to take care of the skin and think that just taking a bath is enough. It is important to apply sunscreen to avoid direct harsh sunlight and dryness. After getting a face wash in the morning, Kriti always applies moisturizer which softens the skin and does not cause any spots.

Diet Plan Of Kriti Kharbanda

She binges on a bowl of fruits. She further revealed that she loves seafood and often takes fish during lunch or dinner. If there is one thing she can eat throughout the day it is rice. Her favorite cheat meal is biryani she treats herself twice a week.