December 5, 2023 01:36:57

Werewolf Syndrome: This 17-Year-Old Child Has Grown Thick Hair On His Face, People Tease Him By Calling Him A Ghost Or A Monkey Boy!

Lalit Patidar is 17 years old boy and he is suffering from a rare disease, due to which hair has grown up to 5 cm long on his face. He is a resident of Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh. Lalit is suffering from werewolf syndrome. In this disease, hair grows on the face. That’s why people suffering from this disease start looking like a wolf with long hair on their faces and body.

Lalit is a resident of Nandleta village in Madhya Pradesh. While talking to the British newspaper, Lalit had told that his father is a farmer and he comes from a normal household. Lalit is a student in class 12th.

Further, Lalit told that when he was young, the children were scared to see him. At that time, Lalit could not understand why people are afraid of him, then later on growing up, he realized that he is different from the rest.

In hypertrichosis, an abnormal amount of hair starts growing on the body. There are two types of hypertrichosis, the first is generalized hypertrichosis in which hair is present all over the body. Second, there is localized hypertrichosis in which hair grows only in a certain area.

Lalit told that he had these hair on his body all his life. But till the age of 6 to 7 years, he did not find anything strange. After that, for the first time, he realized that he is different from the rest.

Children used to tease Lalit with names like ghosts and monkeys and called him scary. Lalit says that he got to learn many things and the biggest thing he has learned is that he is one in a million, so he should never give up and live life to the fullest.