December 1, 2023 05:20:41

Vikram Gokhale: Vikram Gokhale’s Death News Was All Fake, His Daughter Said – He Is Still On The Ventilator, Pray For Him!

The news of the death of Vikram Gokhale, one of the veteran actors of Bollywood and TV, is wrong and it has been confirmed by his daughter. The daughter told that Vikram Gokhale is still on life support. At the same time, Vikram Gokhale’s friend had told in an interview that he was no more.

There were reports of Vikram Gokhale, who is one of the veteran actors of Bollywood and TV, being hospitalized and then dying, to which his daughter has reacted. She has told the news of her father’s death is wrong. It was told that the condition of 77-year-old Vikram Gokhale was critical and he was hospitalized for about 15 days in a major hospital in Pune. In an interview, film actor Anant Mahadevan had told that he is no more, but the daughter’s statement has come that father is alive and is still on life support. She requested the fans to pray for him.

Vikram Gokhale On The Ventilator

More recently, on November 19, veteran actress Tabassum said goodbye to this world forever. Bollywood had not even recovered from the grief of his departure and now the fans are scared about Vikram Gokhale. Vikram Gokhale’s condition is very serious. His fans are praying continuously. Vikram Gokhale was immediately admitted to Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital in Pune after his health suddenly deteriorated. According to the reports, Vikram Gokhale was unable to respond during the treatment and was put on a ventilator considering his critical condition. But then the news of Vikram Gokhale’s death came, to which the daughter reacted.

Hearing The Death Of Vikram Gokhale, Celebs Started Paying Tribute

As soon as the news of Vikram Gokhale’s demise spread, there was a wave of mourning in Bollywood. Many celebs started mourning and paying tribute to the actor from Ajay Devgan to Madhur Bhandarkar and Ashok Pandit.

Anant Mahadevan Told That Vikram Had Said – He Wanted To Work

Earlier, Anant Mahadev said in an interview that he was shooting with Nana Patekar in Goa. He was very close to Vikram Gokhale. Anant Mahadevan said- On October 26, he called me and said that I want to work very closely now and want to work in your films. So when will we work together? I promised that we will do it.