December 11, 2023 05:20:49

View pictures from Allu Arjun’s Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations at home and watch his daughter Allu Arha do a puja.

The wife and children of Allu Arjun dressed in yellow for Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations at home. The family uploaded a number of photos to Instagram.
On Monday, Allu Arjun observed Ganesh Chaturthi with his family. On Instagram Stories, he provided a preview of the homecoming festivities. His wife Sneha Reddy, children Ayaan and Arha, and he were all dressed in white kurta-pyjamas for the holiday. The deity was placed atop a flowery platform after they brought the Ganpati home.

Sneha Reddy, his wife, also uploaded a photo of the two of them while dressed in a saree. But soon after, Allu removed the image of his children, which was also visible on Sneha’s Instagram Stories. In a yellow tulle dress, his daughter Arha could be seen performing the puja in the video. Another image showed his daughter smiling alongside her brother, who was dressed in a white dhoti and a yellow kurta.

Debut of Allu Arjun’s daughter

Shaakuntalam, a movie with Samantha Ruth Prabhu as the lead, marked Allu Arha’s acting debut this year. Arha starred in the Gunasekhar Karri-directed movie as Prince Bharata, Shakuntala’s son.

Award for Allu Arjun and forthcoming movie Pushpa: The Rule

For his role in the movie Pushpa: The Rise, Allu Arjun got the National Film Award for Best Actor last month. Devi Sri Prasad also received the Best Music Direction (Songs) award. Sukumar’s action-thriller follows the violence that breaks out between the smugglers and the police as it is framed against the backdrop of red sandalwood trafficking.

For its follow-up, Pushpa: The Rule, which is scheduled to hit theatres on August 15, 2024, Arjun will now reprise his role. He is now working on the movie, and the first poster features him in an avatar that has never been seen before. He was observed with a rifle while also carrying a garland of lemons and gold jewels. On September 11, a billboard that showed him sitting in a chair in the Pushpa manner and having his hand encrusted with bangles and rings was also unveiled.

A promotional video was also made available, and the voice-over in it spoke of Pushpa Raj’s escape from the Tirupati prison. Allu Arjun was seen in the video as Pushpa in the conclusion, hiding in a wilderness while wearing a shawl. “When an animal takes two steps backward, it is because of a tiger, but when a tiger moves backward, it is because of Pushpa,” the voice-over was overheard stating.