December 5, 2023 12:47:08

Use these 5 ideas on this Karva Chauth and make your puja thali more attractive

When it comes to Karwa Chauth thali design, there are no specific rules. It can be adorned as per your artistic talent and creative abilities. You can paint any design on your thali. For example, some women choose to draw floral designs with leaves, hues, flowers, and rainbow pulses. Others prefer to draw ceremonial decorations like alpana and rangoli.

1. Karwa Chauth Thali Decoration With Oil

  • Grab a simple thali. Use an earbud dipped in oil to create a beautiful design on your Karwa Chauth Pooja Thali.
  • Drop sindoor, roli, Haldi, or any other rangoli color on the oil designs and shake it side to side to distribute the color evenly.
  • Turn the Thali over and remove any extra color. 
  • Now, you can see the colorful design embellished on your Pooja Thali.
  • Make the structure precise by adhering to the hazy lines using a rough material.

2. Karwa Chauth Thali Decoration With Flowers

  • Take a simple thali and cover it with flowers of different colors
  • Flowers like roses, marigolds, and chrysanthemums are generally preferred
  • You can also create different design patterns such as ‘OM’ or ‘Swastik’ with these flowers for an artistic look
  • Once you have created your design, place the other thali items accordingly.

3. Karwa Chauth Thali Decoration With Mirrors

  • First, pick a light hue to serve as the thali’s base color.
  • Decide now what pattern or design you wish to see on the thali.
  • On the thali, draw patterns with a pencil.
  • Simply adhere the mirrors and colorful beads on the thali in accordance with the patterns.
  • Using designer mirrors and beads, you may create a shimmering diya or a floral pattern on the thali.

4. Karwa Chauth Thali Decoration With Velvet

  • Take the plain steel or brass thali and evenly distribute the adhesive so that the velvet material will neatly stick to the thali.
  • Place a velvet cloth of your favorite color nicely on the thali.
  • For a more exquisite appearance, you can also wrap the edges with elastic lace.
  • Now, start creating patterns with the designer mirrors on the thali. You can arrange the mirrors in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors in a circular pattern for a simple design.
  • You can also create flower patterns with these mirrors. You can cut out some velvet in the shape of rhombuses and glue mirrors on them using your preferred designer pattern. Now attach these velvet to your Kalash to enhance its aesthetic.

5. Karwa Chauth Thali Decoration With Laces

  • Take a plain thali, either made of steel or brass
  • Cover it nicely with a colorful sheet of paper
  • Glue the edges and sides with beautiful laces for an eye-catching look
  • You can highlight your lace thali with diyas and one or two rose flowers.