December 11, 2023 05:20:27

Uproar about the $999,999.99 donation glitch and why Twitch streamers are singled out

Twitch streamers experience bewilderment and dissatisfaction as a result of receiving significant false donations. Twitch is silent on the subject.
Since viewer donations are a significant source of income for Twitch streamers, they are frequently appreciative of them. Donations, as opposed to other types of income like subscriptions, bits, and advertisements, go straight to the streamers without any interference from Twitch.

But recently, some streamers have become the target of a new joke that includes making large-scale fraudulent donations.

On September 17, notices of donations that sounded too good to be true were sent to a number of well-known broadcasters, including Forsen and Jankos.

Forsen, for instance, had his effort at a speedrun of Minecraft interrupted by a contribution of $999,999.99 from a user by the name of “Furrsen.” How dare you, bro. How’d you manage that? Forsen questioned as he paused his game to confirm the legitimacy of the donation. He soon saw that it was a system error rather than a legitimate transaction.

By the expression on his face, it was clear that he didn’t really think that someone would give him that much money, but rather that this was what had transpired.

Later, he declared, “It’s a bug, of course. Added he,

“It will basically turn into a clown fiesta. Whatever it is, [Twitch] ought to presumably look into it. He simply got around it in some way; it wasn’t even donations. kudos to him for being the first to do it.

Not just the well-known StarCraft streamer but others too received these fraudulent donations. Additionally, other streams reported receiving similar messages from phoney or anonymous accounts.

However, Twitch never processed or verified any of these donations. They were merely modified warnings that evaded the standard contribution process.

The Amazon-owned site has not yet addressed this problem or the circumstances around it. Streamers will need to be wary of these pranksters who try to con them with phoney donations up until that point. These donations may appear flattering at first, but for streamers who depend on viewer support, they can also be annoying and distracting.