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Tun Tun’s Death Anniversary: ​​Tun Tun, Who Tickled Everyone But Suffered A Lot In Her Past Life…

Today is the memorial day of Tun Tun who made a mark as a comedian. On this day (November 24) in 2003, Tuntun said goodbye to the world. But the magic of the name Tuntun remains the same till now.

Since the 1960s, actress Tuntun has made the audience laugh. Today is the memorial day of Tuntun who made a mark as a comedian. On this day (November 24) in 2003, Tuntun said goodbye to the world. But the magic of the name Tuntun remains.

Tuntun’s real name was Uma Devi. Born on 11 July 1923, Tuntun rose to prominence as an actress. But actually, she wanted to be a singer.

Personal Life Of Tun Tun

Tuntun’s real name is Uma Devi Khatri. She was born in a village in UP. She loves to eat a lot of junk in her childhood. She grew up without parents and had only his relatives as her support. When she was three years old, her parents were killed over a land dispute. In such a situation, the uncle brought Uma Devi to his house and took care of Tuntun. In the meantime, she had to swallow many kinds of insults.

It all started with a four-five-year-old she used to work all the housework and her uncle give her two meals a day in return. During those days, Uma Devi suffered a lot of persecution. Uma Devi was passionate about music, after doing all the household chores, she used to listen to songs on the radio. She use to do music practice as much as she could. At that moment, little Uma Devi dreamed of becoming a singer. But realizing this dream was not easy. But at the age of 13, she took a chance and ran away from home and reached Mumbai.

How She Met Naushadji

She came to Mumbai and directly reached the bungalow of music director Naushadji, and said, “I sing well. If you don’t give me a chance, I will kill myself by jumping into the sea”. Naushadji took a small test of her after hearing whatever she said. Uma passed the test and got the song ‘Afsana Likh Rahi Hoon…’ from the movie ‘Dard’. This song made everyone crazy. After this, Uma Devi sang songs in many movies. Of course, after a few years, the songs were lost and Uma Devi began to worry again. This time also Naushadji came to her aid. Naushad advised her that she should be a part of the film industry via acting. But Uma Devi kept a condition even there. She said that I will work in the same film as Dilip Kumar.

Her Movie Career

Uma Devi’s acting journey started with the film ‘Babul’ released in 1950. Of course, along with Dilip Kumar. It was Dilip Kumar who gave the name Tuntun to Uma Devi. Later she started to be known by the same name. Tuntun worked with all the big artists of that time. She has done more than 200 films. They are not with us today. But her acting and melodious voice are still alive in the hearts of fans.