December 9, 2023 10:22:40

Toxic Positivism: Strategies For Dealing With Toxic Situations!

We know that when positivity exceeds the requirement, then it takes the form of toxic positivity, which is harmful. We don’t even know when we fall prey to it. Not only this, but it is also difficult to recognize that people around us are suffering from it. In such a situation, it becomes necessary that we recognize the presence of toxic positivity, and eliminate it. These are some of the situations you should deal with a positive mindset.

If a problem arises, you cannot face it, and run away from the problem, but at the same time you try to show yourself and others that you are positive, all right, then this Toxic positivity is a symptom. That’s why observe whether any problem is troubling you too much inside. If you’re trying to be positive just for the looks of it even in such a situation, change that immediately.

If a person cannot listen to highly stressful things, and always tries to run away from them, then this is also 1 symptom of toxic positivity. Such people are afraid that listening to negative talk will affect their positivity, so they ask to say the best things, and if someone brings up their problem, they turn away from him.

If a person keeps saying “all is well” even in the worst of situations, where the seriousness of the problem should be addressed, then he too is suffering from toxic positivity. Such a person does not insist on solving the problem positively but keeps trying to suppress that problem in the name of positivity.