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1- Is Alfaaz his real name?

Maybe you all are curious about the name Alfaaz like us! That is why we have brought you the information about his real name. His real name is Ananjot Singh Pannu while Amar is his nickname! So why this name Alfaaz? Actually, it is his industry name! Confusing?

2- A Well-educated Celebrity

It must be an interesting side of his personality that he is a well-educated celebrity unlike many other celebrities in the film and music industry. He has got a proper education in fashion design. Moreover, he is an MBA in a real state too but he did not make his career there.

3- 5 Skills in One Person

It must be an interesting fact about him that he has got multi-dimensional personality. He is a Singer, Model, Actor, Writer, and Music Writer, all at the same time and the interesting fact is that he is equally successful in nearly all these fields. He knows well how to carry on with his talents with great balance.

4- His Debuts

Very few people know about his debut projects despite claiming to be his super fans! So if you are one of them, then we are telling you all the details about it. His debut in different industries are as follows: Pollywood Singing Debut: Haye Mera Dil (2011), Bollywood Singing Debut: Birthday Bash (2015, Dilli Wali Girlfriend), and Pollywood Film Debut: Jatt Airways (2013).

5- Movie Freak

We are quite sure that you do not know about his craze for films. He has numerous favorite films and watching films is one of his main hobbies. Pollywood Movie: Disco Singh, Jatt, James Bond, etc are some of his all-time favorite films which he never refuses to watch!

6- First Song for the Crush

Alfaaz started writing songs at the age of 14. His first written song was inspired by his childhood crush. He is also known as the Lyrical Master due to the great rhythm in his beautifully written songs. He has written 2500+ songs till date which is indeed an impressive number!

7- Fitness Freak

It might be a somehow interesting fact about him that he is a great fitness freak. He regularly does gym and takes great care of his health and fitness. Gyming is his hobby too. He loves to remain fit and active and does not like to do anything that is harmful for his fitness.

8- Traveling and Trekking

We are quite sure that you do not know about another side of your favorite celebrity that he loves traveling as well as trekking. His favorite destinations are Delhi, Goa, and Mumbai (India). He is willing to complete as many treks as he can as it is his hobby too.