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These 8 foods we bring for you on this Navratri with which you can also maintain your diet!

Navratri will be celebrated on 26th September 2022 this year. The grand fasting time of the year typically lasts for nine days and is hugely celebrated. This is also the perfect time to detox so that you help get rid of all the unneeded substances in your body. Navratri is also a great time for those wishing to start their weight loss story. This period of fasting for 8-9 days can help take control of your appetite which you won’t have otherwise. Following are the foods you can consume during Navratri fasting:

1. Sabudana:

An ingredient famous only during Navratri, sabudana or sago is a healthy underrated food that is cooked in a variety of ways during this time. You can prepare sabudana khichdi, chaat, kheer, and even roti and savor during Navratri. Sabudana or sago is loaded with calcium, fiber, and vitamins and is an ideal choice for the fasting period.

2. Kuttu:

Navratri is also a good time to stay away from gluten products and feel lighter. Since you cannot have wheat rotis and you still need your power dose, kuttu atta rotis are the best option. You can either have them fried or sear them on the pan. Savor them with ghee as they have the added benefits of fiber, antioxidants, and proteins!

3. Singhada:

Also known as water chestnut, singhara is another option for Rotis with your subzis. Singhara is rich in vitamins and minerals and is often used as a thickener in other dishes.

4. Makhanas:

 Makhanas are great low-calorie snacks you can have throughout the day at home or at the office. Loaded with calcium, makhanas are a go-to option if you get unneeded hunger pangs. You can roast them with sendha namak and store them in a box.

5. Samak rice:

 For rice lovers, Samak rice is your substitute for the week. This healthier alternative of rice can either be had in the form of roti, kheer, or simply its natural self. You can add peanuts and curry leaves as a garnish to bring in a twist of flavor.

6. Fruits:

 Yes, even though super obvious, you can consume fruits to detoxify in the most natural manner. Add them in a smoothie and have them for breakfast, cut them and consume them as snacks, and whenever the craving for something sweet, you can even make their kheer!

7. Lauki:

Lauki can be cooked in minimal oil and consumed during meal time. Lauki is rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C, iron, and magnesium. Since lauki is high in water content it is also good for hydration.

8. Cottage cheese:

Keeping your protein intake up is needed during this time and cottage cheese is a great option. You can either have cottage cheese in the form of a subzi or even as a snack. Sprinkling some sendha namak and coriander leaves are all you need.