June 15, 2024 11:30:44 booked.net

The Freelancer and Made in Heaven 2 star Sarah Jane Dias says that OTT has given her new opportunities.

The Freelancer actor Sarah Jane Dias discusses her podcast on mental health and wellbeing and OTT potential.
Actress Sarah Jane Dias hasn’t been in a major motion picture in more than six years. The actor, however, appears to be taking advantage of the growth the streaming business is experiencing since she recently appeared in two married series, Made in Heaven 2 and The Freelancer.

“OTT has given me a tonne of new opportunities. It’s astonishing how quickly stuff is created and consumed online. Dias, who has been in OTT projects like Inside Edge, Time Out, Parchhayee, Tandav, and Never Kiss Your Best Friend, is confident that this business is going to stay.

The actor believes that, in addition to the volume of content produced for different platforms, the range of roles available allows artists to demonstrate their acting skills without running the risk of being typecast. For instance, the performer notes that in her situation, she recently had two roles that were vastly different. Although she plays a Christian bride who marries a man who is 10 years her junior in MIH 2, “I had the chance to try acting in The Freelancer, which has long been a goal of mine. I’ve done comedies, horror films, and love stories; this time, I want to do some real action on screen.

In addition to her acting obligations, the 40-year-old is a champion of mental wellness and hosts a mental health podcast.

The performer explains, “I was clinically diagnosed with anxiety and depression roughly three years ago, which is what drove me to launch this podcast called The Sarah Jane Show. I had a very difficult time going through it. Because so many individuals suffer in silence, I felt compelled to share this with the rest of the world.

Dias has made it her duty to assist those struggling with mental health concerns with the hopes of “spreading awareness” and guaranteeing that “nobody should suffer alone.” “When someone is going through a difficult moment, they often feel alone; I also felt that way. It was quite challenging for me to discuss it, then meet and comprehend individuals. As soon as I started to feel better, I felt compelled to share. The folks on my podcast—my friend, my doctor, my personal trainer, etc.—were truly involved in my healing process, she tells us.

The performer believes in putting her personal well-being first despite the challenges that come with being a public figure, especially one who is a part of the glamour industry. “I put a lot of what I teach into practise. In addition to eating healthy and getting enough sleep, I meditate and work out every day. I have been quite upfront about the fact that I am in counselling. I am the same as every other person, she claims.