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The Development of Gujarat

Gujarat is located on the western coast of India and has the country’s longest coastline of 1,600 km. Gujarat is one of the high-growth states in the country. The state has a geographical area of ​​1, 96,022 km² and a population of 4.83 million people. The shares of the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors were 19.3%, 39.2%, and 41.5% of the government gross domestic product (GSDP) at Rs respectively. The industrial sector has achieved remarkable development in small, medium, and large industrial sectors. A lot of changes happened in infrastructure, agriculture, and so on. Plus, this year National Games are going to be held in Gujarat.

Development in Industrial Sector

Industrial sectors where small sectors are experiencing remarkable development include textiles, machinery and parts, and metal products. The textile sector continues to occupy the top position among SSI units with 60168 units. Machinery and parts (22931), metal products (22218), rubber and plastic products (11025), non-metallic mineral products (10831), base metals (8007), paper and printing (7789), electrical machines and instruments (6023), other major industries under SSIs. Gujarat has introduced a system for ‘Monitoring of Industrial Approvals’ to know the status of all these Approvals and provide assistance for expeditious implementation of the project. Ahmedabad leads among the countries with the highest number of small industrial units with 61,185, accounting for 21.96% of all SSI units in the state. Ahmedabad is followed by Surat with 41,509 units (14.90%) and Rajkot with 30,077 units (10.80%), which make up 48% of the total SSI units in the three districts.

Natural Resources in Gujarat

Gujarat is endowed with excellent natural resources such as minerals, sea, agriculture, and livestock. Important natural resources of the country include limestone, hard coal, lignite, dolomite, marble, granite, and petroleum.

Gujarat is a major producer of cereals such as rice, wheat, maize, and gram, oilseeds of peanuts, canola, castor beans, cotton, tobacco, and sugarcane crops. Gujarat is also a major producer of mangoes, Chiku, citrus fruits, and papaya, while potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and green beans are the main vegetables.


The current installed power generation capacity is 8845 MW. In addition, a power generation capacity of 8683 MW has been implemented. The 1079.85 km Narmada Canal Sardar-Sarovar project has been completed or is under construction. Another 2142 km. Length of proposed canal construction to provide 3.98 billion liters per day in 2021. Road construction is progressing well in the state.