December 1, 2023 05:30:20

The daughter of actor Vijay Antony supposedly commits suicide.

Tuesday, Meera, the daughter of Vijay Antony, was discovered dead in her Chennai home. She was reportedly 16 years old.
According to reports, the actress and music director Vijay Antony’s daughter committed suicide on Tuesday. Reportedly, she was discovered dead at her residence in Chennai. Manobala Vijayabalan, a film industry analyst, confirmed the news of her death. Supposedly, Meera was sixteen.

Death of Vijay Antony’s daughter
“BREAKING: Actor and music director Vijay Antony’s daughter Meera committed suicide… at her home this morning,” Manobala Vijayabalan tweeted. SHOCKING! Adieu, Meera. According to reports, Meera’s acquaintances from school and the family of Vijay Antony would be questioned regarding her claimed suicide.

Ramesh Bala, a film industry analyst, responded to Meera’s mother’s earlier tweet by writing, “In March of this year, Mrs. Fatima Vijay Antony was very thrilled that her daughter Meera Vijay Antony became the cultural secretary of her school students association. On Twitter, we all congratulated her. To her parents, she was everything. I cannot fathom the suffering.

Old tweet from Meera’s mother reappears
Back in March, Fatima Vijay Antony used the platform to post a picture of Meera in a school uniform along with a tweet about how she had accomplished a goal at the institution. “The Force behind my strength, the solaces to my tears, the cause of my stress (Naughtiness super loaded),” she had written. Thank you, Meera Vijay Antony.

In Chennai, Mira attended a private school. According to a report from India Today, Meera was brought to a private hospital in Chennai, where the medical professionals who examined her pronounced her dead. She apparently had pressure and was receiving therapy for it.

Vijay Antony made headlines earlier this year when he revealed he had undergone surgery for injuries to his jaw and nose sustained in an accident while filming his Tamil directorial debut, Pichaikkaran 2, in Malaysia.