May 30, 2024 02:09:28

The Captain Of Kings XI Punjab: Super Effective Fitness Mantra of KL Rahul!

KL Rahul’s notion of fitness is a multidimensional phenomenon that cannot never be constrained or restricted to hitting in the gym only. Although he is known to be the fittest guy in the sports field, he also takes pleasure in nutrition, sleep, recovery, and getting a therapeutic massage whenever needed. When asked during interviews what a typical workout week in his life would look like, KL Rahul said that he’d spend one day at the gym, one day running, start another day playing a sport, hiking, and cycling, and the fitness journey continues. He’s also an advocate for yoga, which is important for any sportsperson to develop mental strength, core, and stability.

KL Rahul Workout Plan Includes

  • Push-ups

This is a simple exercise. You can do this without using any equipment. Push-ups form many of the body’s targets as it engages the arms, back muscles, and core.

  • Box Jumps

The box jump exercise routine is a plyometric move that strengthens your core lower body muscles such as the quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. This practice will help make you more powerful, faster, and springier than ever.

  • Front Squats

This form of exercise is a lower-body exercise that will strengthen your hips and legs, especially your glutes and quads. Front squats are similar to back squats.

  • Battle Rope Waves

Holding a fighting rope in each hand, bending slightly at the knees, and maintaining a tight core. Synchronize the ropes to follow the top and bottom patterns. Bring the ropes up upward to the level of your shoulder and then to the hip level and immediately back up. This exercise works on strengthening the shoulders, biceps, triceps, and back muscles.

  • Pull-ups

KL Rahul does this exercise using his palms, grasping the bar while pulling up and squeezing the lats until the chin gets above the bar. Doing pull-ups strengthens his arms and targets back muscles.

  • Swimming

Swimming is a fun yet meaningful form of exercise we all are aware of. It helps build strength, promotes good health, and burns excess calories. Swimming is a great way to distract yourself from negative thoughts and relieve stress as well as overcome anxiety issues.

Some More Interesting Facts About Rahul

  • Lucknow Super Giant skipper KL Rahul became the first-ever player in the history of IPL to score 600-plus runs in four IPL seasons alone.
  • He firmly believes that fitness is essential to play hard, you have to focus on your fitness level and think about eating quality with the right quantity.
  • As he’s into the multi-dimensional workout, KL Rahul does not just restrict himself to working out in the gym. He also likes to swim, cycle, run and do yoga including other relevant exercises.
  • Rahul acknowledges the importance of taking rest and recovery, especially before playing a match.
  • The cricketer loves to eat his South Indian staple rice and dosas.
  • The skipper has experimented with different diets that also include some healthy choices i.e. keto, no carb, and high protein.