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The History of ‘Borivali’ which you should know

Borivali is an affluent suburb and is located at the north-western end of Mumbai. Recent real estate figures show that Borivali holds its recorded position as the primary residential area of ​​Mumbai. Notable for its upmarket area overlooking Gorai Creek, this prime property is one of the preferred destinations for seekers. Other attractions include Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Fish Park, Kanheri Caves, Mandapeshwar Caves etc.

Borivali has evolved from what was once a cluster of small towns; Ekasar, Poisar, Vazira, Shimpoli, Mandapeshwar, Dattapada, Kanheri, Tulsi, Magathane and Gorai, which were situated on and around the Poinsur mountain, between the Dahisar river and the Poisar river.

It is believed that the name “Borivali” comes from the existence of many bushes of a sweet fruit called “Bor (Marathi) which means “berry” in English. Hence, the name literally means “City of Jamun”. The existence of “Shri Swayambhu Ganapati Devalaya”, the ancient temple of Lord Ganesha in Bori-Vali” Vazira Naka area, which means “Self-manifested” or the one that is built according to Hinduism.

Borivali is densely populated, but retains some green cover due to the presence of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park [3] formerly known as “Borivali National Park” and the mangroves in the western end of Borivali. Almost every facility is available in Borivali except the airport.

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