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All you need to know about the 90s great singer Bhupen Hazarika on his birth anniversary

Bhupen Hazarika was an Indian playback singer, lyricist, musician, poet, actor, and filmmaker from Assam, widely known as Xudha month.

Where is Bhupen Hazarika from?


Bhupen Hazarika is one of the most well-known personalities from Assam, India. Born in 1926, in Sadiya, Assam, he holds an M. A. in Political Science in 1946.

Who is the first Assamese singer?

The eldest of ten children, Bhupen Hazarika (as well as his siblings) was exposed to the musical influence of his mother, who exposed him to lullabies and traditional Music of Assam.

 Which year did Bhupen Hazarika get Dadasaheb Phalke award?

Awards & Recognitions

The recipient of Padma Shri (1977), Padma Bhushan (2001), and Padma Vibhushan (2016), Hazarika also received the Dadasaheb Phalke Award(1992). He received the National Award for Best Feature Film in Assamese (1961) and for Best Music Direction for Chameli Memsaab (1975).

What is the meaning of Hazarika?

Hazarika (plural Hazarikas) (historical) is an officer appointed as head of a thousand soldiers during Ahom’s rule in Assam.

Who is the Hazarika caste?

Hazarika was a Paik officer of the Ahom Army under the Kingdom of Assam. Now the descendant’s clans use it as a surname This is usually used among the people of Ahom and another caste whose ancestors were Hazarika officers. Originally the title was conferred by the Ahom kingdom of medieval Assam.

Why is Bhupen Hazarika so famous?

Bhupen Hazarika: Awards and Honours

In 1976, he received the National Award for Best Music Director for Chameli Memsaab. In 1977, he was awarded Padma Shri. In 1979, he won Arunachal Pradesh Government’s Gold Medal for his contribution to Tribal Welfare and the Upliftment of Tribal Culture through cinema.

Bhupen Hazarika Cultural Award has been conferred on Dr. Anil Saikia for this year. The award is given for research on Assamese cultural honor Bihu songs and contributions to it. Dr. Anil Saikia has been conferred this very honorary Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Cultural Award for the year 2021-2022.

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