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Here are some special things related to Lord Shiva

Snake around Lord Shiva’s neck

Lord Shiva is the only deity who wears a serpent around his neck. If seen, the snake is a very dangerous creature, but it does not bite anyone without reason. Snake is an important animal of the ecosystem. Knowingly or unknowingly, it helps humans only. Some people kill serpents out of fear or for their own personal interest. Lord Shiva wears a snake around his neck and gives this message that every creature has its own special contribution in the cycle of life. So don’t kill any animal without any reason.

Shiva and Bel Patra

In the scriptures like Shiv Purana etc., special importance of offering Bel leaves to Lord Shiva has been told. Bel leaf with 3 leaves is considered suitable in Shiva worship. It should also be kept in mind that the three leaves of Bel Patra should not be torn from anywhere. These three leaves of Bel Patra symbolize three of the four Purusharthas – Dharma, Artha and Kama. When you dedicate these three selflessly to Lord Shiva, then the fourth Purushartha i.e. salvation is automatically attained.

Ashes on the body of Lord Shiva

In our religious scriptures, where all the gods and goddesses are said to be equipped with clothes and ornaments, while Lord Shiva has been told to just wrap the deer skin (deer skin) and apply ashes. Bhasma is also the main garment of Shiva because the whole body of Shiva remains ashes. There are also some scientific and spiritual reasons behind consuming Shiva’s ashes. The specialty of Bhasma is that it closes the pores of the body. Its main quality is that by applying it on the body, it does not feel hot in summer and cold in winter. Bhasmi also acts as a medicine in skin related diseases. Shiva, who wears ashes, also gives this message that it is the greatest quality of a human being to mold himself according to the circumstances.

Why did Shiva drink the poison?

Lord Shankar carried the poison that came out of the churning of the ocean by the gods and demons in his throat. Due to the effect of poison, his throat turned blue and he became famous as Neelkanth. Churning the ocean means churning your mind, churning your thoughts. There are innumerable thoughts and feelings in the mind, churn them out and adopt good thoughts. When we churn our mind, first of all bad thoughts will come out. This is poison, poison is a symbol of evil. Shiva held it in his throat. Don’t let him dominate you. Drinking Shiva’s poison gives us the message that we should not let evils dominate us. Evils must be faced at every step. Drinking poison by Shiva also teaches us that if any evil is being created, then we should not allow it to reach others.

Shiva and cannabis-datura

Bhang-Datura is mainly offered to Lord Shiva. It is believed that they are pleased by offering bhang-datura to the Lord. Cannabis and Datura are intoxicants. Common people consume them for intoxication. Offering Bhang-Datura to Lord Shiva means surrendering one’s evils to the Lord. That is, if you take any kind of intoxicant, then offer it to God and take a pledge never to consume intoxicants in future. By doing this, the grace of God will remain on you and life will be happy.

Trishul in the hand of Shiva

Trishul is the main weapon of Lord Shiva. If you look at the picture of Trishul, then three pointed ends are seen in it. Although this weapon is a symbol of destruction, but in reality it tells a very mysterious thing. There are three types of tendencies in the world – Sat, Raja and Tama. Sat means sattvik, Raja means worldly and Tama means Tamsi means nocturnal tendencies. These three tendencies are found in every human being. The only difference is that there is a difference in their quantity. The three pointed ends of the trident represent these three tendencies. Through Trishul, Lord Shiva gives this message that we should have complete control over these qualities. This trident should be raised only when some difficulty arises. Only then these three qualities should be used as per the requirement.

Cremation of Shiva

Lord Shiva is shown residing in the crematorium. Which means that Lord Shiva was away from attachment and illusion. Despite being a family, there was no attachment to them at all. Lord Shiva says that while living in the world, fulfill your duties, but stay away from attachment and illusion. Because this world is mortal. One day all this is going to be destroyed. Therefore, even while living in the world, do not be attached to anyone and while fulfilling your duties, behave like a recluse.

Shiva’s vehicle bull

Nandi means bull is the vehicle of Lord Shiva. The bull is a very hardworking animal. Despite being powerful, he is calm and gullible. In the same way, Lord Shiva, being the supreme yogi and powerful, is very calm and so naive that only one of his names is famous in the world of Bholenath. The way Lord Shankar had conquered Kama by consuming it, in the same way his vehicle also does not work. He has complete control over the work. Along with this, Nandi is also considered a symbol of Purushartha. The bull never gets tired even after working hard. He continues to do his work. This means that we too should always keep doing our work. Just as Nandi is dear to Shiva because of his karma, in the same way we can also get the blessings of Lord Shankar.

Shankar’s three eyes

According to religious texts, all deities have two eyes, but Shankar is the only deity who has three eyes. The work of the eyes is to show the way and to warn from the troubles that come on the way. Many times in life there are such crises, which we do not understand. In such times, only wisdom and patience, as a true guide, helps us to identify right and wrong. This conscience therefore resides within us in the form of inspiration. Just need to wake him up. The third eye of Lord Shiva is the seat of the Agya Chakra. This command wheel is the source of wisdom. This gives us the ability to take the right decision in the face of adversity.

Moon on Shankar’s head

Bhalchandra, a name of Lord Shiva, is also famous. Bhalchandra means the one who bears the moon on the head. Moon has a cold nature. The rays of the moon also provide coolness. If seen from the point of view of life management, Lord Shiva says that no matter how big the problem comes in life, the mind should always be kept calm. If the mind remains calm, then even the biggest problem will be solved. In astrology, the Moon is considered the karaka planet of the mind. The nature of the mind is very fickle. Lord Shiva holding the moon means that the mind should always be under his control. If the mind wanders, then the goal will not be achieved. One who has controlled the mind, he easily achieves even the most difficult goals in his life.

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