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From makhan-mishri to coriander, essential things you need for Krishna Puja


To make panchamrit, you’ll need milk, sugar, curd, ghee, and honey. Combine them all. Include a few basil leaves. In Hinduism, Panchamrit is offered to the gods at festivals and pujas.

Mohan Bhog

Mohan Bhog To make Mohan Bhog, you’ll need semolina, sugar, milk, water, ghee, raisins, bay leaves, cardamom powder, saffron, and cashews. Add saffron, milk, cardamom powder, sugar, and water to a pan. Cook it until it melts. Then, ghee needs to be warmed in a pan. You might include semolina. Cook it completely. After that, add the milk mixture gradually. Continue to stir it while it is cooking. Next, turn off the gas. Ghee should be melted. Cashew nuts and raisins should be shallow fried and garnished later.

Idol of Cow (Gau Mata)

According to mythology, Lord Krishna served cows for a large portion of his infancy. After feeding them in the woods, he would bring them back to their house that night. Many of the Lord’s Leela’s as a child took place in front of the livestock his family kept. This is the reason cow’s ghee is used to make the Bhog served to Laddu Gopal.


Coriander In astrology, coriander is linked to wealth. Since Lord Krishna was known to enjoy coriander, in addition to coriander-based prasad meals.

Peacock feather

Peacock feather, close up.

Peacock feather A peacock feather is thought to fend off evil and provide good health, joy and fortune. It is said to hold a special place in baby Krishna’s heart.

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