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Some qualities of Shri Ram which made him Maryada Purushottam

Patient and Virtue

Tolerance and patience are the main qualities of Lord Rama. Despite being the king of Ayodhya, Shri Ram led his life like a sanyasi. This shows their tolerance.

kind nature

Shri Ram be of very kind nature. He mercifully took everyone under his umbrella. He gave everyone the right to lead from the front. Giving the kingdom to Sugriva is a symbol of his kind nature.

Compassionate nature

Shri Rama is very kind-natured. He graciously took everyone in his umbrella. He empowered everyone to step up and lead. Giving kingdom to Sugriva is a reflection of his kind nature.


Raja Rama made friendship with people of every caste, every class. Every relationship was fulfilled by Shri Ram from the heart. Be it Kevat or Sugriva, Nishadraj or Vibhishana, he himself faced many troubles for all his friends.

Better leadership skills

Raja Rama was a skilled manager. He was going to take everyone along. It was only because of Lord Rama’s superior leadership ability that a bridge of stones was made to go to Lanka.

Brotherly love

Shri Rama kept the spirit of sacrifice and dedication and affection towards all his brothers more than his real brother. For this reason, while going to the exile of Lord Rama, Lakshman ji also went to the forest with him. Not only this, in the absence of Shri Ram, despite getting the royal palace, keeping in mind the values ​​of Lord Rama, he served the people by placing Ramji’s foot paduka on the throne.

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