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Some Lesser known facts about Jr. NTR

Junior NTR, entered the Telugu film industry as the successor of actor Nandamuri, he gained stardom in a short period of time. Not only did he look like his grandfather, he also had his acting skills. He grew up with Rama Rao as a child, so it seems that his grandfather’s traits reflected in him.

NTR entered films at the age of 10. He did his own film Brahmarshi Vishwamitra as a child actor. Later he played the character of Rama in Bala Ramayanam and was admired by everyone.

NTR Kuchipudi has amazing dancing skills. It can be said that there is no other dancer better than Junior NTR among the current Tollywood heroes.

9 is the lucky number for Jr. NTR. For him, that number is also sentimental. That’s why he took registration number 9999 for his car. He also spent a lot of money on this number. At that time, the news of his car number was popularly broadcasted.

He made his debut in Telugu with the movie Junior Ninnu Chudalani. But he became a top hero with the movie Student No. 1 directed by Rajamouli.

The people of Andhra wanted Junior NTR to enter politics. He also campaigned hard for TDP in 2009 elections. But He stayed away from contesting elections.

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