February 21, 2024 11:47:47 booked.net

Sushmita Sen Initiates Comeback: Reached Out to Netflix and Hotstar Heads Seeking Work

When Sushmita Sen decided to re-enter the entertainment industry after a substantial acting hiatus, she took a proactive approach by directly contacting industry leaders. In a recent Mid Day interview, Sushmita shared that she didn’t shy away from making phone calls to the heads of digital platforms, including Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar, expressing her desire to return to the screen as an actor.

In a snippet from the interview, Sushmita stated, “I called up the heads of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hotstar. And I said, ‘My name is Sushmita Sen. I am an actor; I used to be one anyway. And I want to come back and work.'”

The interview also delved into her role in the film Taali, released earlier this year, where she portrayed transgender activist Gauri Sawant. While the film received critical acclaim, some critics questioned whether a transgender person should have been cast in the role. Sushmita revealed that her reservations about the project changed when she learned that Gauri Sawant herself wanted her for the role.

Reflecting on her eight-year hiatus from acting before her digital debut in Aarya in 2020, Sushmita emphasized the importance of participating in and observing life to become a better actor. Her journey included smaller comedy films like Dulha Mil Gaya and No Problem, along with a cameo in FALTU, before her 2015 Bengali film Nirbaak marked her last on-screen appearance before the break.

In an exclusive interview with the Hindustan Times earlier this year, Sushmita expressed her satisfaction with her comeback. “I felt like a newcomer, attending 14-hour workshops and coming home late and loving every bit of it… I am glad I listened to my heart, even if it meant walking away from films. I stepped away and unlearned, learned, and came back with Aarya,” she shared.