December 9, 2023 05:49:02

Sukhbir Singh Birthday Special: Find Out How The ‘Prince Of Bhangra’ Fired Up The Indi-Pop Music Scene!

If you have ever attended an Indian wedding then you know how important it is to have Sukhbir Singh’s song at every event. Songs like, ‘Hai Sauda Khara Khara’, and ‘Ishq Tera Tadpave’, are all these songs composed by the iconic singer who has a super-catchy and vogue rhythm that pulls you out of your chair onto the dance floor. His songs have a special fan base all over the world and he has been ruling the music industry for a while now. Listening to them makes the steps suddenly start trembling. Whether anyone comes to dance or not, everyone starts grooving.

These songs were released 23 years ago and even today the craze for them hasn’t diminished. The song ‘Hai Sauda Khara Khara’ was remarked by Akshay Kumar in his film ‘Good News, after which it became the new party anthem. A lot of videos were made on this song in India and foreign countries as well. But few people know about the singer who made these iconic songs like ‘Hai Sauda Khara Khara’ and ‘Ishq Tera Tadpave’, due to which they are still on every hit list. Today we are going to tell you about the same singer.

These songs were sung by singer Sukhbir Singh a legendary singer by profession and celebrating his 53rd birthday today. People also call him ‘The Prince Of Bhangra’, because, in his musical style, a combo of rap and techno was seen with Bhangra, which had a different craze. He was born in Jalandhar, Punjab, and brought up in Dubai. His net worth is 350 crore. Sukhbir Singh, also known as ‘Prince of Bhangra’. Sukhbir Singh had a lot of flair in the nineties. From Priyanka Chopra to Lara Dutta did a lot of work on his songs.

And also the ‘Prince of Bhangra’ is back with his latest track titled ’Nachdi’, After a long break.