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Support each other in every situation

Every husband and wife must take a lesson from the relationship between Ram and Sita, that is to support each other in every situation. Mother Sita supported Rama when he was in exile, so even after being kidnapped by Ravana, Shri Ram stood firm to bring Sita back. They did not leave each other’s side even in adversity. Even in the worst of circumstances, both of them kept their faith in each other.

Money and position did not come between the relationship

Love is beyond position and money. Big Maharathi, Raja, Maharaja attended the Swayamvara of Mata Sita, but Sita Mata was married to Shri Ram, who had reached there with his Guru. A boy who had not even become a king and was not even in the guise of a prince. Still Mother Sita accepted him as her husband. At the same time, when Ram was in exile and he had to leave the entire palace, even then Mother Sita did not think at all about the position and money of her husband and left all the comforts and went to exile with Shri Ram.

husband and wife

Mother Sita followed the religion of being pure throughout her life. Even after being abducted by Ravana, Mother Sita did not let her honor suffer and did not bow down in front of Ravana till the end. Even after staying away, Mother Sita did not let her wife’s religion suffer. Shri Ram also made a gold statue of her during the Ashwamedha Yagya in the presence of the wife and made her sit with her. Despite being a king, he did not marry another woman even after the departure of his wife Sita. Despite the distance between the two, Mata Sita and Shri Ram’s love for each other and the marriage religion remained the same.

safety and respect

There was a sense of security and respect in the relationship between Lord Shri Ram and Mother Sita. After the abduction of Mother Sita, Shri Ram agreed to even fight with Lankapati Ravana to save her and for her safety. Every husband should take care of the safety and honor of his wife. At the same time, questions arose on the character and purity of Mother Sita, so even though Lord Rama had faith in her, Sita ji even gave a test of fire for her husband’s honor and respect.