May 30, 2024 02:14:49

Spend your new year 2023 in these beautiful places of Vietnam

  1. Ho Chi Minh City

Ring in the New Year in Ho Chi Minh City with magnificent firework displays, a musical countdown, and a 3D lighting show. On the 31st of December night, people can witness everyone celebrating the countdown festival. Thousands of people across different cities gather at one place to enjoy the fest watching the incredible musical performances of popular singers and musicians. Incredible fireworks will also be hosted between 12 AM and 12-15 AM i.e., for 15 minutes, you can enjoy watching breathtaking fireworks show. Landmark 81 is one of the tallest buildings in Ho Chi Minh City from where you can witness the fireworks display on new year’s eve.

  1. Danang

Da Nang conducts a countdown party to rejoice in the New Year 2023 celebrations across 2/9 Street. Immerse yourself in a colorful environment with exceptional performances of popular musicians. Da Nang countdown event turns one of the most memorable new year celebrations in your life. Song Han Bridge is one of the most unique and rotating bridges in Vietnam. One can even witness splendid fireworks in open spaces such as the streets of Tran Hung Dao and Bach Dang. Bach Dang street is fully decorated with colorful lights, banners, flags, and more to bring a New Year’s eve sense to the visitors.

  1. Hanoi

Hanoi is very popular for its beautiful lakes. The countdown events in Hanoi commence at 7 PM on 31st of December night at the Ly Thai To flower garden. Hanoi is the best place in Vietnam for new year’s eve. Mostly, the local people and tourists visit Hoan Kiem lake to celebrate new year’s eve with their friends and family. It is a perfect destination for several fun-filled activities such as folk games, music, dance performances, and other interesting programs. Some of the vibrant parties carried out in Hanoi will stir up your New Year’s eve celebrations.

  1. Ha Long City

Ha, Long Bay is one of the significant places in Vietnam with several islands along the coastline of Bai Chay beach. Ha, Long Bay is an amazing destination in Vietnam extremely popular for its beauty. People can enjoy New Year’s eve cruise parties in Ha Long Bay with their beloved ones. Experiencing the greatest wonders during the sunset, sunrise, and moonlight night in Ha Long Bay will make your day. End the last day of the old year fabulously with a special dinner and partying all night.

  1. Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island is one of the busiest beaches in Vietnam where you can witness beautiful sunsets going down the sea. This island is quite popular for its white-sand beaches and resorts. Mostly, people across different regions visit this island to ring in the new year with extreme hopes and expectations. One can enjoy new year’s eve 2023 by exploring the night market, swimming, visiting the popular pearl production companies, and more. The tourists can also visit some of the beautiful destinations in Phu Quoc Island such as Long Beach, Dinh Cau, pepper garden, and more. If you are a foodie, make sure you enjoy fresh seafood.

  1. Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills is an excellent amusement park and the perfect destination for you to celebrate the new year in Vietnam. Enjoying various types of rides, you can get the utmost entertainment. Get an incredible view of the Golden bridge, especially during the nighttime. If you are looking for a romantic place in Vietnam, Ba Na Hills is the perfect destination. Some of the key attractions of Ba Na Hills include Buddha sculptures, temples, and more.

  1. Sapa City

Thinking about where to spend new year’s eve in Vietnam? Sapa City is the beloved destination for several people during new year’s eve in Vietnam. Sapa has a plethora of tourist attractions and people can pick one of the significant places to explore the city. With so much greenery, local traditions, special food items, and more, Sapa City gives a lot of entertainment to visitors. People can also witness the amazing view of snow falling during this season.

  1. Ban Glico Waterfall

Ban Glico Waterfall is a must-visit tourist destination spot in Vietnam. It is the biggest waterfall following Iguazu Falls between Argentina and Brazil. For those who want to celebrate new year’s eve in a spectacular way, visit Ban Gioc Waterfall. With wild sunflowers, and buckwheat flowers on both sides of the street, Ban Gioc Waterfalls become a beautiful place in Vietnam.

  1. Hoi An

People can witness a plethora of events hosted in the ancient town of Hoi An in Vietnam. The tourists can enjoy watching excellent fireworks display near the Hoai River. The tourists will be amazed looking at the zigzag roads and curved roofs across the streets. One can explore the Hoi Sculpture Garden where you can take part in an event hosted at 9.30 PM featuring an arts performance, a singing contest, and a lottery. The tourists can witness amazing fireworks show near the Hoai River. People can spend some quality time exploring the city from Christmas eve to New Year’s eve 2023.

  1. Da Lat City

Visit Central Vietnam to explore the Dalat Flower Festival conducted in Dalat City. You can see all kinds of flowers to blossom throughout the year. The tourists will get amazed looking at the amazing flowers and colors. Dalat is also known as the town of flowers and the town of the spring season. If you want to ring in the new year amid beautiful scenery and scenic locations, just visit this place. Some of the special species of flowers such as Carnation, Gladiolus, Daisy, Rose, and more can be seen in Dalat.