December 9, 2023 10:24:46

Some Unknown Facts About Abdu Rozik!

What made Abdu Rozik famous?

His Tajik Rap Song, Ohi Dili Zor, is highly recognized. Abdu Rozik’s Real Name is Savriqul Muhammadroziqi. His talent is showcased on YouTube through the Avlod Media channel, and he has gained enormous popularity on Instagram. Even though he is only 18, he has quickly risen to prominence online.

What problem does Abdu Rozik have?

He was diagnosed with Growth Hormone Deficiency and Rickets which meant at the age of 5 he stopped growing and his hormone development stopped. According to Rozik, as a young teen, he was bullied and mocked for his size as a result of which he could only get 3 years of formal education.

How old is Abdu?

Bigg boss fame contestant Abdu Rozik 19 years old

What does Abdu Rozik do for a living?

He is a Singer

Where is Abdu from?

Panjakent, Tajikistan

Panjakent or Penjikent is a city in the Sughd province of Tajikistan on the river Zeravshan, with a population of 52,500. It was once an ancient town in Sogdiana. The ruins of the old town are on the outskirts of the modern city.

Debut in Bigg Boss 16?

Abdu, who is just 19-year-old, became an overnight sensation after videos of him singing a Hindi song “Enna Sona” went viral. His most loved Bollywood song is “Papa Kehte Hai Bada Naam”. The social media star was approached for participating in Bigg Boss 16 and he successfully made it.