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Stop Harassment

The more you think you have been a victim of adversity and people, the more vulnerable you feel. See your past like a dream and face the future strong and fearless!

Remove the burden

Instances of failure in which you were made to feel small, moments in which you felt low, give you a harmful emotional burden. Feelings associated with bad memories damage your self-esteem. It is necessary to release them to nurture self-confidence. But how can you let go of those feelings that have broken your mind for so long? Through meditation! Increasing self-esteem through meditation is a reality. The process of meditation not only clears your mind of disturbing emotions but also makes you comfortable with yourself. When you are comfortable with yourself, your confidence grows. When we are weak, someone comes and crushes us. This has become a strange rule of this sacrament. We have to be strong for ourselves, we have to be confident and meditation helps us in this.

Stay away from negative thoughts

Sometimes, it is our own mind that is constantly dragging us down with doubts and other negative things. Instead of expressing dissatisfaction with your shortcomings, resolve to improve them. Instead of indulging in any internal negative dialogue, observe them until they disappear.

Don’t Compare Yourself

Comparing yourself to others is a tendency that often leads to self-harming thoughts. This is a tendency that neither makes us useful nor allows us to be happy.

Compete with yourself

Whereas if you compete with yourself, you are not only more useful but also have stronger self-esteem. So, instead of being better than the person or friend sitting next to you, try to be better than your last day and last year.