February 22, 2024 12:44:37 booked.net

Siliguri Hosts LGBTQ Fashion Show to Highlight Community Challenges

Siliguri recently played host to an LGBTQ fashion show, bringing together more than 28 participants from various districts of North Bengal. The event, organized by Siliguri Pride Walk, aimed to raise awareness among key stakeholders, especially societal leaders, about the challenges faced by the LGBTQ community.

Participants in the LGBTQ Fashion Show took the opportunity to showcase their designs and makeup skills, emphasizing their talents and advocating for personal rights. Bodhi Satta, an organizing member, highlighted the lack of legal recognition in areas such as marriage, adoption, and inheritance for the LGBTQ community. The community urges the government to address these issues and view its members as integral parts of society. Satta emphasized the importance of changing societal attitudes to accept the LGBTQ community as equals.

Chandni Roy, a participant from Siliguri, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to showcase her talents through the fashion show. She acknowledged the existence of negativity in society toward the LGBTQ community’s activities but emphasized the community’s determination to prove their similarities to others in society.

Vivek Ghosh, a participant from Raiganj, shed light on the ongoing discrimination in society, sharing personal experiences of facing derogatory comments while expressing oneself. Ghosh emphasized the need to put an end to such disrespectful behavior.

Despite the decriminalization of same-sex relations between consenting adults in 2018 following the Supreme Court’s decision to scrap Article 377, the transgender community continues to strive for acceptance and recognition within society. The LGBTQ Fashion Show in Siliguri served as a platform for community members to assert their identities and advocate for equal rights.