December 6, 2023 07:00:05

Search Underway for Foreigner Who Meditated Unclothed at Balinese Hindu Temple

Authorities on Bali, the popular Indonesian resort island, are actively seeking a foreign national who was captured in a viral video meditating without clothing at a Hindu shrine. In response to a series of incidents, including instances of disrespect towards the island nation, authorities have pledged to take strict action against unruly tourists.

The incident garnered significant attention in Indonesia after Balinese influencer Ni Luh Djelantik shared the video of a nude individual meditating within the cultural heart of the predominantly Hindu island. The video quickly amassed hundreds of thousands of views.

Expressing her indignation, the influencer wrote on Instagram, “So disrespectful. Meditating naked on our temple? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? How could you do this, humiliating the Balinese and their belief? Immigration Officer, please apprehend this person; we’ve had enough! This is a humiliation to us Balinese people.”

Immigration Office head Tedy Riyandi stated, “We are currently conducting investigations into this incident.”

While authorities have identified the foreign national involved, they have not publicly disclosed his name or nationality as the search for the individual continues.

Riyandi explained, “The Immigration Office is currently attempting to contact the foreigner through his social media account, but there has been no response thus far.”

The search for the foreign national is being carried out in coordination with the Bali police, with efforts focused on determining the exact location and timing of the incident.

Bali attracts millions of foreign tourists annually, but since the island reopened following the Covid-19 pandemic, it has experienced several high-profile cases resulting in the deportation of individuals engaged in indecent acts.

In the current year, Bali authorities have deported numerous tourists for their behavior, which offended the local population.

In June, Bali immigration deported a Danish woman who was filmed exposing herself to the public while riding a motorbike.

Similarly, in April, a Russian woman was expelled from the island for sharing a nude photograph of herself in front of a sacred tree.

In response to these incidents, the local government published a guide for tourists wishing to visit Bali in June, following requests from the island’s immigration office.