June 15, 2024 11:29:22 booked.net

Sargam Koushal of India was crowned Miss World, 21 years by winning #MrsWorld2022 title

Celebrations are in order as an Indian has yet again triumphed at an international beauty pageant. Sargam Koushal of India was crowned Miss World at a gala event hosted in Las Vegas. She brought back the crown with the utmost glory after 21 long years.

Hailing from Jammu and Kashmir, Sargam also won the Mrs. India World 2022-23 back in June this year, which led her to represent India internationally. Earlier, in 2001, the actor-model Aditi Govitrikar brought the Mrs. World title to India. Tagging Koushal, Govitrikar congratulated her and wrote: “Heartiest congratulations @sargam3 @mrsindiainc so happy to have been part of the journey. it was time the crown came back after 21 years.”

With participants from over 63 countries, Koushal’s win is indeed prestigious and a reason for revelry. Koushal beat Mrs. Polynesia to secure the title. The beauty queen is originally from Jammu and Kashmir and worked as a teacher in Vizag. Her husband works for the Indian Navy.

What she felt at the moment

Sargam wore a gorgeous pink slit gown for the final round. Sargam fought the title with Mrs. Polynesia and was then crowned Mrs. World in 2022. In the video, after the announcement of Mrs. World 2022, Sargam burst into tears and also give a walk wearing her pride, a new crown.

The official Instagram account of the Mrs. India pageant shared photos of a jubilant Koushal after her historic win. “The long wait is over, it’s after 21 years we have the CROWN back!” read the caption.

Meanwhile, Mrs. World, the first pageant for married women, was established in 1984. It was first known as Mrs. Woman of the World before being renamed Mrs. World in 1988. More than 80 nations have entered Mrs. World over the years, with Americans producing the majority of the victors.