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Rishi Sunak: Opposition on his part, An unexpected shock for Rishi Sunak!

In Sign Of Desperation For Rishi Sunak, Tory MPs Rush For Lifeboats: British Prime Minister

Rishi Sunak got an unexpected shock. In the matter of taxes, the opposition started from the own party. 40 Tory MPs from the party wrote a letter to Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt on Sunday saying that taxes in the country are high and must be reduced. If taxes are not reduced.

The letter also warned that rebellion was inevitable. It is in this context that the Rishi Sunak government has taken a U-turn in some other policy decisions including housing targets and wind power. However, looking at the current situation, there are signs that the Sunak-led converging government will face difficulties in the next general elections.

It seems that Tory MPs are looking for safe constituencies in this background. At a time when there are signs that the constituencies will be redistributed before the next election, the MPs are preparing to change their positions to protect their vote bank. As the opinion polls revealed that if they contested from the sitting positions, they would be defeated, they started efforts to change the constituency to this extent. Meanwhile, when the government is known to be in danger, MPs scrambling to protect their positions has been a practice in British politics for decades. When John Major’s premiership ended in 1990, Tony Blair, who was in the opposition, described the rush of MPs for their seats as a ‘chicken race’ and those MPs as ‘chicken’.