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RIP Jason David Frank: Tommy Oliver Was Famous For His Role in Power Rangers He Passed Away At The Age Of 49

One of the original Power Rangers, Jason David Frank has passed away in Texas at the age of 49. His family, friends, and fans are very shocked by his death.

Jason David Frank, one of the original Power Rangers, has passed away. He was 49 years old. Actor and mixed martial artist passed away in Texas. According to reports, he had committed suicide. On the other hand, Walter E. Jones, co-star of Franks on the Power Rangers, has confirmed this news on Instagram and has also expressed deep condolences. He expressed grief over the demise of another loving member of the family.

In Difficult Times Family Privacy Is Necessary!

The actor’s agent, Justin Hunt, said “In a statement that it is important to respect the privacy of his family and friends at this difficult time as we deal with the loss of such a beloved man. He gave his all for his loved ones, friends, and fans. He will be missed.”

Frank Played As Tommy Oliver!

Frank played Tommy Oliver in the first season of the show, which was streamed from 28 August 1993 to 27 November 1995. Its 145 episodes were broadcast in three sessions of its telecast. However, his role as the Green Ranger ended after fourteen episodes. But due to his fan popularity, he was called back as the White Ranger and the team’s new commander for the rest of the series.

Frank, who holds an eighth-degree black belt in karate, returned to the show in 1996 under the new name Power Rangers Zeo as Red Zero Ranger for 50 episodes. The following year, in Power Rangers Turbo, he reprised the role before permanently leaving the franchise.