December 9, 2023 04:31:55

Renowned Comedian-Actor Leslie Jordan Died In A Car Accident And Said ‘Goodbye’ To The World At The Age Of 67!

The bad news is being heard once again from the entertainment world. According to the reports coming out, Hollywood’s famous comedian and actor Leslie Jordan has passed away. Let us tell you that 67-year-old Jordan died in a car accident on Monday. Due to his death, a wave of hobbies was running in the Hollywood industry. Many celebs are unable to believe the news of his death. It is being told that his car collided with a building and he died in the accident. Los Angeles police sources say Jordan was driving his car on Monday morning when his car suddenly crashed into a corner of a building. This collision was so terrible that he died on the spot. Leslie’s spokesperson, David Shawl, issued a statement saying, “Without the love and light of Leslie Jordan, the world seems dark today.” He was not only a megastar but always ready to work, he was very happy to work.

Entertained People During Covid 19

According to the reports, during the Corona epidemic, Leslie entertained the fans fiercely on social media by sharing her comedy videos. Due to this, his 80 thousand followers on Instagram had increased to 5.8 million. Leslie also starred in films including The Help and Ski Patrol. The Emmy-winning actor and comedian also announced Academy Award nominations for all 23 categories this year. Born in 1955, Leslie Jordan began her career in 1986 as Malone in the adventure series The Fall Guy. Leslie had appeared in the TV shows Will & Grace, Heart’s Affair, The Cool Kids, Call Me Cat, and American Horror Story.

Celebs Mourn The Death Of Leslie

Many celebs are shocked to hear the news of Leslie Jordan’s passing. On his death, many celebs paid tribute through social media. TV actress Rupaul expressed grief by sharing a photo with Jordan. He wrote- Rest in peace Leslie Jordan. Thanks for the laugh you gave. American actress Mime Bialik also remembered Jordan. Sharing photos of Leslie, he wrote He was a mentor and a close friend. I will miss him so much, it is unimaginable that he is gone. Rest well, dear friend.