December 5, 2023 12:46:27

Reminiscing Kishore Da’s Best Performances On His Death Anniversary

  • Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi (1958)

Three woman-hating brothers face changes in their respective lifestyles when two of them fall in love.

  • New Delhi (1956)

Complications, impersonations, and moral dilemmas arise when a Punjabi pretends to be a Tamil to obtain accommodation in New Delhi. An eloquent and entertaining plea for national unity that manages to showcase several cultural traditions whilst encouraging people to laugh both with and at each other.

  • Man-Mauji (1962)

Raja’s frequent brushes with crime force his sister Rani to disown him, and she decides to work in Dr. Mohan’s house. However, Dr. Mohan finds out the truth about Rani and her brother.

  • Half Ticket (1962)

A diamond thief hides his loot on an innocent child, but the child turns out to be an adult posing as a youngster to purchase a half-priced train ticket. Now, the thief will have to outwit the eccentric in a series of wacky misadventures.

  • Naukari (1955)

A comic, tragic, and heartrending saga of Ratan Kumar Chaudhary (Kishore Kumar), who leaves his village, aging mom, and seriously ill sister, to obtain employment in Calcutta, only to end up in a tiny tenement apartment full of other unemployed youths. He falls in love with Seema (Sheila Ramani) who lives in the building opposite his, and she too falls in love with him. Her father will not permit her to marry an unemployed youth and wants her to marry someone known to him.

  • Mr. X in Bombay (1964)

Shobha’s dad who is a scientist gets into a difficult situation after an experiment he was conducting goes wrong and kills his employee Manohar.

  • Aasha (1957)

A wealthy Kishore is always ready to help the poor. He travels to Bombay to be with his cousin Raj who’s a womanizer and has ditched many women. Raj and Kishore go hunting in Jungle where Raj meets a man who asks him to marry his daughter whom he had cheated but Raj kills him and frames Kishore for the murder whose then on the run from the police.

  • Jhumroo (1961)

Anjana lives a wealthy lifestyle with her dad, Dwarka Nath, in a hilly region in India. When she returns home after several years, she finds that her dad has become stricter and a disciplinarian, and even has his erring employees and villagers flogged. Then she meets with a local villager, Jhumroo, and both fall in love with each other.

  • Baap Re Baap (1955)

Raj Kumar Ashok belongs to a rich and aristocratic family. His parents want him to marry the best of the best girls money could find. Ashok’s dad then spends a lot of money to invite proposals from all over India. But Ashok loves Kokila, who belongs to a poor family and sells flowers for a livelihood.

  • Miss Mary (1957)

R.K. Raju, a private investigator is assigned the task of locating the missing daughter of a wealthy Hindu couple. His investigation takes him to different locales, and he comes across Miss Mary, the girl closely resembling the one he is looking for. He asks her to accompany him, in the guise of teaching his girlfriend some music, to which she agrees.