December 9, 2023 11:49:30

Rapper Shubh expresses disappointment over the cancellation of his tour: India is also my home country. My soul is Punjab.

In response to a comment made on his previous post, Shubh stated that it was “only to Pray for Punjab as there were reports of electricity and internet shutdowns throughout the state.”
Shubhneet Singh, or Shubh, a Canadian singer-rapper whose Still Rollin India tour was cancelled due to an alleged divisive social media post, has released a statement. On Thursday, he expressed his disappointment on Instagram, writing that he was “extremely disheartened” since he was “excited to perform in my country, in front of my people.” He uploaded his photo as well.

Shubh expresses his “discouragement” at the cancellation.
According to Shubh’s comment, “It was my life’s desire to showcase my music on a worldwide dais as a young rapper-singer originating from Punjab, India. However, recent events have set back my efforts and advancement, so I wanted to speak a few words to express my disappointment and sorrow. The cancellation of my tour in India has left me feeling incredibly disappointed.

Shubh expressed his excitement about his performance in India
He added, “I was very excited and motivated to play in my nation, in front of my people. I had been practising heart and soul for the past two months as the preparations were well under way. And I was eager, content, and prepared to perform. But I suppose fate had other ideas.

Shubh refers to India as “my country”
Shubh said, “My homeland is also India. I was created here. It is the homeland of my Gurus and my Ancestors, who offered their lives in sacrifice for the family, for the liberation of this land, and for its grandeur without even batting an eye. Punjab is also in my blood and in my soul. I am who I am today because I am a Punjabi. Punjabis are exempt from demonstrating their patriotism. Punjabis have given their life for this nation’s liberation at every juncture in history. Therefore, I respectfully ask that you desist from labelling every Punjabi as a separatist or an enemy of the nation.

Shubh also discussed his prior position
“My intention in reposting that post on my story was only to Pray for Punjab as there were reports of electricity and internet outages throughout the state,” the rapper continued. There was no other intention, and I most surely had no desire to offend anyone. The allegations against me have had a significant impact on me.

Shubh promises to return shortly
“However, as my guru taught me, ‘Manas Ki Jaat Sabai Ekai Pachanbo (All Human Beings Recognised as One and Same)’ and taught me to not be scared, not to be intimidated, which is the basis of Punjabiyat. I’ll keep putting in my best effort. Soon, my team and I shall return, bigger and stronger as a unit. He concluded, “Waheguru Mehar Kare Sarbat Da Bhala (emoji of folded hands and a red heart).”

He thanked everyone who stood by him in the post’s description. Sarbat Da Bhala, Waheguru Mehar Kre.

His tour was cancelled by BookMyShow

His tour was cancelled, BookMyShow reported on Wednesday. BookMyShow announced the cancellation of singer Shubhneet Singh’s Still Rollin Tour for India in a message made on X (formerly known as Twitter). For all customers who had bought tickets for the performance, BookMyShow has started a full refund of the ticket price. Within 7 to 10 business days, the refund will appear in the customer’s original transaction source account.

Because of his claimed sympathy for the Khalistan elements, the rapper’s tour was already postponed. He had previously posted a warped map of India with the caption “Pray for Punjab” on his Instagram stories.