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Ram Setu: What All Went Wrong In The Movie…?

‘’Ram Setu’ is a mythological film, which is directed by Abhishek Sharma. Apart from stars like Akshay Kumar and Jacqueline Fernandez, the film also stars Nushrat Bharucha and the film was released on the occasion of Diwali this year.

The Controversy started over Akshay’s Ram Setu even before its release, Subramanian Swamy threatened the actor with FIR.

Subramanian Swamy has made two tweets, in which he has said to file a case against Akshay Kumar.

He wrote “I am going to file a case against Akshay Kumar and his Karma Media because they have presented wrong facts in their film ‘Ram Setu’. The image of Ram Setu has been damaged by this film. My lawyer Satya Sabharwal is looking into this whole matter.”

In his second tweet, the BJP leader wrote, “If actor Akshay Kumar is a foreign national, we can ask him to be arrested and evicted from his adopted country.”

Ram Setu Honest Review

The story of Ram Setu begins, in Afghanistan where archaeologists from all over the world gather to reconnect the Buddha Monuments destroyed by the Taliban, and this is where Akshay Kumar means archaeologist Aryan. Aryan is such an archaeologist who is an atheist, he only believes in facts and not in divine stories.

Now the second scene begins with the Supreme Court of India and politics, the government claims to be a natural phenomenon in the Supreme Court, describing Ram Bhagwan as a fictional character, the Ram Setu built by his Vanar Sena. For political interest, the government petitions to break the bridge built from Rameswaram to Sri Lanka. Now the question comes to the reality of the existence of Shri Ram and his sign, in the Supreme Court, the government wants to break the Ram Setu by calling it a natural phenomenon, then the other side wants to save it by calling it man-made. It was almost impossible to prove that Shri Ram built Ram Setu 7000 ago in the sea between two countries, the people of the government ask the atheist archaeologist Aryan to make a report on Ram Setu, and to prove that Ram Setu Shri Ram Didn’t make it, but it is even older than them. But in the investigation, Akshay comes to know that Ram Setu has been made by humans and it is not a natural phenomenon and it is 7 thousand years old being man-made i.e. at the time of Ramayana.

 Now the people of the government become the enemies of Akshay Kumar and plan to kill him and his companions inside the sea. Only then a hand comes for help, which happens, this tourist guide of AP reaches Aryan and his team to the secret caves of Sri Lanka and Ravana’s Lanka. AP is a different person, you have to watch the movie for who he is.

Akshay Kumar’s look and acting skills are strong in Ram Setu. Jacqueline Fernandez also plays an environmentalist in the film, and it is she who gets Sanjeevani in Trikoot Parvat. The BGM of Ram Setu is superb, when the song ‘Ram-Ram’ plays in the background, one gets goosebumps. Cinematography is also done at a good level. Talking about VFX, it is fine, not bad. Undersea CGI is very good. In just a few fighting scenes in that helicopters fly, the VFX becomes a bit weak.

Ram Setu: Hit or Flop?

Is Ram Setu Worth Watching? Ram Setu is a one-time watch film, which entertains the audience. You don’t feel bored anywhere in the film, with good music, and little comedy in between, Akshay Kumar is there so there is no dearth of action and the film has a story that connects the audience till the end.