April 14, 2024 04:18:00 booked.net

Pune Regional Transport Officer (RTO) has issued a warning for commuters to avoid using Rapido app

Pune Update: Pune’s Regional Transport Officer has advised passengers not to use the Rapido app after the Regional Transport Authority headed by collector Rajesh Deshmukh denied it a license to operate as a bike and autorickshaw aggregator.

“The Regional Transport Authority (RTA) has refused Rapido a license to provide aggregation services for bikes and autos. Considering this, citizens are requested not to use Rapido but opt for safe transport through licensed vehicles,” RTO Ajit Shinde said in a press statement.

This is the second time that the authority has refused a license to Rapido, which offers a cellphone-based bike-hailing service. Earlier, Roppen Transportation Services Pvt Ltd, the firm that launched the app, applied to the RTO on March 16 but it was rejected over lacunae in the application.

The Statement of Shinde

The RTO also said that the state had no policy in place on bike taxis, nor had any permit been issued for such a service. There is no fare regulation for such a service, it added. “Roppen Transportation Services Pvt Ltd filed a fresh application on November 30 seeking an aggregator’s license for two-wheeler and three-wheeler transport. We perused the application based on the central government guidelines and provided the applicant due opportunity to address the objections raised by us….Thus, as the applicant failed to resolve the queries raised, the RTA rejected the application in its meeting on December 21,” Shinde said.

Protective Order By Supreme Court

Rapido, in a statement, said: “We are in receipt of the order by the Pune RTO and are currently exploring all options, including legal, to contest this arbitrary order. Our actions are guided by the vision of providing millions of Pune commuters a convenient, efficient, and cost-effective method of getting around, and importantly, the livelihoods of 57,000 Rapido Captains and their families. If any coercive action is taken against us on the ground, it would amount to an overreach on the part of the Pune RTO and interference with a protective order in force granted by the Honorable Supreme Court.”