December 1, 2023 04:54:46

Parumala Perunnal Fest of Kerala: History, Significance, & How This Glorious Festival is Celebrated


Parumala Perunnal is an annual Christian feast held to commemorate the death anniversary of Saint Gregorios of Parumala, the first canonized saint of the Malankara Orthodox Church of Kerala. The mortal remains of the Bishop are interred in the church.

Parumala is a Village in Tiruvalla Taluka in Pattanantitta District. The Pamba River flows by the side of Parumala. The famous Christian church is situated here which is under the Jacobite Church. St. Mar Gregorios Givargis founded this church and it is where his body was buried. The grand annual celebration of this church begins on November 1 and is attended by thousands of people. Special prayers are organized in the church on this occasion of the Orma Perunnal (Memorial Festival) of the saint. A special service (prayer in the church) is organized on this occasion and a grand procession is taken out.

Punumala is famous for having the tomb of St. Gregorios (Bukumala varnadi). Baramulla Church is a world-famous Christian pilgrimage temple belonging to the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. The annual feast Orma Peru-nal is held annually on the first and second of November at Perumala Church.


The festival’s distinguishing feature is that every aspect focuses on dedication throughout the entire event. Unlike other cultural events, no community festivals have been planned for the celebration. The festival’s distinguishing characteristic is that it attracts individuals from different walks of life and societies across Kerala, in addition to the Christian community. As a consequence, it continues to serve as a ceremony of tranquility and harmony, adding to the allure of Kerala’s celebrations.

Communities perform special religious practices as well as offer multiple special prayers in order to obtain good wishes from the divinity. The magnificent ceremony of Parumala Perunnal takes place on the 2nd day. On this particular day, they often provide Holy Qurbana, a form of religious prayer and fasting that lasts for three hours.


This celebration commemorates the death anniversary of Bishop Mar Gregorios Metropolitan, who was considered a well-known saint of his time. People admired him and came to him for legitimate practical advice. On the day of Parumala Perunnal, many religious practices are witnessed, including people praying and going to celebrate with lip-smacking culinary delights, which are among the festival’s greatest aspects. On the last day of Parumala Perunnal, as is customary, a massive feast is served to all who attend the carnival, which concludes with an amazing performance of fireworks.