December 5, 2023 02:09:10

Parents Worship Day: All you need to know about ‘Parents Worship Day’!


‘Parents Worship Day’ is a day to dedicate ‘Pious Love’, with pure, guileless, and selfless affection, free from desire. With worldwide popularity, the day is recognized with many names, including Matri-Pitri Pujan Divas ( मातृ-पितृ पूजन दिवस ), Ganpati Divas, Ganesh Divas, Parents’ Worship  Day, Mama Papa Day, Mother Father Day, Ammi Abbu Ibaadat Din.

The day has been accepted by all religions in the world, and this is something that makes the celebration all-inclusive and universal.

Why is Parents Worship Day celebrated?

Parents Worship Day also known as Matru Pitru (mother and father) Poojan Divas was started by Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu in 2007 as an alternative to Valentine’s Day. Parents Worship Day is celebrated on February 14 every year. As visible from the title, this day is dedicated to one’s parents giving them the respect, love, and care they deserve.

Parents Worship Day motivates the positive spirit of serving parents in the heart and soul of the children. This festival draws its inspiration from the pooja of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati performed by little Ganpati.

The idea is to spark the importance of cultural values our Indian heritage holds in Indian children. Parents Worship Day is all about strengthening family bonds and being grateful to our parents for everything they do for us selflessly giving us an example of true and pure love.

Parents Worship Day: How to celebrate?

  • Make your Parents comfortable and seated
  • Apply Tilak on their foreheads and offer beautiful Flowers
  • Greet your Parents with respect and love
  • Worship your parents and pray for their long and happy life.
  • Receive blessings from your Parents and wish them Parents Worship Day