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On The Occasion Of Jharkhand Foundation Day, Find out Interesting facts about the land of Dhoni!

It is interesting to look at the journey of 22 years on the occasion of Jharkhand Sthapana Diwas. It has been 22 years since the establishment of Jharkhand. Know some of the remarkable achievements on the occasion of Foundation Day. After separating from Bihar, Jharkhand state has established a separate and unique identity.

Jharkhand Foundation Day

After independence from British rule, in 1947, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, and Bihar became the new states of independent India. After several decades, Bihar was bifurcated in the year 2000 and some parts of the state became a part of the separate state of Jharkhand. Jharkhand was formed during the prime ministership of Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

6 CMs In 22 Years, President’s Rule Thrice

Looking through the prism of politics, it is known that Jharkhand has been facing political instability for a long time in the last 22 years. The state got its first Chief Minister in the form of Babulal Marandi. Presently Hemant Soren is the CM. Jharkhand, which has witnessed 6 Chief Ministers and 3 times President’s rule in 22 years, is marching ahead with the torch of tribal identity.

Abundant Minerals In Jharkhand

About 40 percent of the minerals of the whole of India are in the land of Jharkhand. This region, which is rich in mineral wealth, also has large reserves of uranium required for nuclear power. Apart from this, about 32 percent of entire India’s coal and 25 percent of the country’s copper is in Jharkhand. Apart from these minerals, minerals like mica, bauxite, granite, gold, and silver are also present in the geological area of ​​Jharkhand.

80 Percent Of The Population Is Dependent On Agriculture

Jharkhand state is also making remarkable achievements in the field of agriculture. Apple and saffron are generally cultivated in cold regions like Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh, but enterprising farmers here have also started cultivating apples and saffron. Apart from major fruits like guava, banana, papaya, and lemon, farmers of East Singhbhum are now cultivating cashew. 80 percent of the population of the state is dependent on agriculture and rice is the main crop here.

Cultural Features

The culture of Jharkhand also makes it stand apart from other states. The Chhau dance of the folk artists here is a masked dance performed in the southeastern region. The tribal group celebrates Sarhul, the festival of flowers. There is also a festival of cattle, which is named Sohrai. The festival celebrated after the harvest is known as Magee Parab.