December 1, 2023 05:38:49

Nick Jonas Shares Personal Journey with Type 1 Diabetes and Advocates Awareness in a Heartfelt Video

In a poignant video, Nick Jonas opens up about his diagnosis with Type 1 diabetes and endeavors to raise awareness, urging viewers to participate in the #SeeTheSigns campaign.

On Instagram, the 31-year-old American actor disclosed that 18 years ago, he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. In the accompanying video, Jonas detailed how his family, particularly his mother, noticed changes in him and identified the four major signs that are now recognized as symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes.

In his post, Jonas listed the symptoms he experienced before his diagnosis, including frequent urination, excessive thirst, exhaustion, and unexplained weight loss. Expressing gratitude for his family’s support, he acknowledged that their vigilance led him to seek medical attention in time.

“Lucky enough to have this incredible support system around me that noticed these signs, helped me decide to get checked, and ultimately saved my life,” Jonas wrote.

As a new father, Jonas emphasized the importance of being vigilant for these signs, especially as his daughter grows up. He encouraged others to similarly care for their loved ones, detecting diabetes symptoms early.

To amplify awareness about the symptoms of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and contribute to saving lives, Jonas called on people to join the #SeeTheSigns campaign in collaboration with @beyondtype1.

“This year, with @beyondtype1, we are expanding our #SeeTheSigns message not only to the individuals who are being diagnosed but to those around them,” Jonas shared, urging participation in the campaign to shed light on often-overlooked symptoms of diabetes and contribute to life-saving awareness.