June 15, 2024 10:37:51 booked.net

Navigating Phone Calls: Tips for Easing Anxiety

Many individuals grapple with phone anxiety, and the fear of making calls is a common challenge. In the midst of various anxieties, the author, while conquering phone calls personally, offers insights to make this task more manageable.

Despite the prevalence of negative associations with phone calls, it’s crucial to realize that everyone experiences a degree of weirdness on the phone. Acknowledging this commonality can alleviate concerns about doing it “correctly” and reduce the fear of being judged.

To ease the discomfort of speaking into the void, the author suggests picking a face to talk to, even if it’s a drawn cat face or a photo of the person being called. This simple trick can make the experience feel less awkward.

The article outlines a three-line script as a foundation for any phone call, providing structure and reducing the fear of babbling. The script includes a greeting, the topic of discussion, and a closing query like, “Can you help me with that?” or “Is now a good time for you to talk?”

Preparing for potential challenges during a call, such as misgendering or poor connections, is essential. The author encourages setting boundaries and not letting the fear of a stressful call ruin the entire day. Troubleshooting strategies, like asking for information via email, can be effective.

Concluding a call can be as anxiety-inducing as initiating one. The article offers various phrases to signal the end of a conversation, making the process smoother. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of practicing this skill, as familiarity with making calls improves confidence over time.

While the article acknowledges that some individuals may find phone calls exceptionally challenging, it suggests strategic solutions, such as seeking help from friends or outsourcing tasks. The key is to recognize one’s strengths and find alternative ways to achieve goals without unnecessary self-blame. The overarching message is to approach phone calls strategically, celebrating personal victories and avoiding unnecessary shame.